GFL Answers Questions about Trash Pick Up in Madison Heights

GFL Answers Questions about Trash Pick Up in Madison Heights

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Dec. 13, 2018)

Madison Heights MI – Residents in Madison Heights have been coming to the city with concerns over trash pick up.  In response, the City has put out a FAQ with commonly asked questions.

“It is the City and GFL’s intent to provide the best possible service to our residents and to continue to provide relevant and timely information and updates. We are hopeful with better resident communication that we can be proactive with addressing any service issues that may arise,” the document begins.

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my garbage, recycling, or compost getting picked up so late?

At times, the volume of all three items above has been higher, road construction delays on major and local roads, longer times/delays at dump sites, and unexpected equipment failure have all contributed to this. Over the last 4 months, Madison Heights has experienced an average finish time of 5:30 pm; we are continuing to work with GFL to improve on this and meet our contract of pick up by 5pm. It should be noted that the no parking restriction from 7am-4pm on garbage days are to assist the street sweepers and other DPS operations.

Why was my garbage, recycling, or compost not picked up?

While stops can (and do) get missed, often times containers are not properly labeled with stickers (compost or recycling). The Department of Public Services (DPS) does provide these at City Hall and Library for free.

When a container is marked, please ensure that the sticker or label is clearly visible from the street. Also, items that get set out late may not get picked up. Garbage/recycling/compost should be out no later than 7 am on your scheduled trash day. Please be aware that there are separate trucks picking up each of these items at different times throughout the day. Due to the possibility of the truck coming later than normal, please wait to call DPS until the next morning if you find that your items have not been picked-up. DPS will immediately contact the GFL Route Supervisor and have this taken care of.

Why is GFL mixing garbage and compost or recycling in the same truck?

These items should NEVER be mixed, it’s against the law! If a GFL truck breaks down they may send a garbage truck just for compost or recycling, it’s based on which truck is available at that time. We have requested that GFL place magnetic signs clearly identifying what the truck is picking up in the event that this occurs. If GFL is ever witnessed putting garbage, recycling, or compost in the same truck at the same exact time, please call DPS immediately.

My can is missing or damaged, will GFL replace it?

They will replace it with the same size can that was broken, if it was their fault. The new 96 and 64 gallon trash and recycling toters have a 10-year warranty. These toters are purchased directly from GFL, and are not provided as a replacement for a smaller damaged can. If this happens, please call GFL Customer Service.

Why is there a mess left behind after GFL goes through my neighborhood?

The City’s Solid Waste ordinance requires all garbage to be contained in bags, whether in a can or not. If your trash or recycling is not contained properly with a lid on the can or in bags, it may blow out of the cans. If GFL is witnessed creating a mess while performing their duties, please contact DPS immediately.

After GFL is finished, where and how should they place my cans/recycling bins?

All containers, no matter what size, should be returned to the general vicinity of where they were placed for collection. If GFL is witnessed improperly handing your trash, compost, or recycling containers, please contact DPS immediately, and the Route Supervisor will be notified.

However, neither the City nor GFL are responsible for wind, or other inclement weather blowing cans or lids around. We suggest you put your address on your containers and lids in the event that they should become separated.

I heard that GFL is having staffing issues, especially in Madison Heights. Is this true?

GFL’s administration has assured us that while no company is immune to staff turnover, Madison Heights is fully staffed with the necessary amount of trucks and personnel.

I put my garbage, compost, or recycling container out, but it was only half-full, and it was missed. Why?

All containers placed at the curb are to be emptied regardless of volume, unless they present a safety or other collection violation. GFL has been notified to ensure that all containers are properly emptied.

Do I have to call for a special pick up if I have bulk items?

No, you are allowed 3 bulk items per week, but please make sure these items are not filled with nails or unsafe for GFL employees.

Contact Information:

Madison Heights Department of Public Services – 248.589.2294

GFL Customer Service – 844.464.3587

GFL Website

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