Ferndale Housing Gets Approval to Continue with RAD Process

Ferndale Housing Gets Approval to Continue with RAD Process

(FHC, Dec. 6, 2018)

Ferndale, MI- – The Ferndale Housing Commission (FHC) has received approval to move forward in the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program application process, administered through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), for which initial steps began in May 2018.

“The RAD process opens funding alternatives that allow us to make significant investments in our properties to modernize and improve our housing options, so residents can feel proud of where they live,” said FHC Executive Director Heather Van Poucker. “We will work closely with our residents, neighboring properties and the community every step of the way as we work to enhance our properties. Our goal is to create inspiring home environments for our residents that will provide safety, security, stability and enriched quality of life.”

Next Steps for FHC in the RAD Program

The next steps of the process require a comprehensive capital needs assessment of FHC’s housing portfolio to guide its development plans. This effort will be followed by a clear financing plan and HUD-required environmental impact and civil rights reviews. RAD outlines a one-year timeframe for these assessments and any temporary relocation plans that may be necessary while property improvements are underway.  RAD includes robust resident protections and rights throughout the process, as well as following conversion.

“We have selected Brinshore Development, LLC as our co-development partner,” said Van Poucker. “We believe Brinshore brings the technical, financing and overall development expertise that will help us transform our public housing properties. Our partnership structure will preserve FHC’s long-term ownership and management control of our properties, maintaining our dedication to the best interests of our residents and upholding their rights.”

Brinshore is an award-winning, experienced real estate developer based in Northbrook, Illinois. Since 1994, the company has completed approximately 5,500 affordable housing units at 70 properties across 7 states. Committed to creating affordable housing, Brinshore has worked on more than a dozen RAD conversion projects, specializing in senior and family housing.

As part of the development plan, FHC will investigate opportunities to incorporate universal design to ensure accessibility for residents, regardless of age or physical ability, and to utilize sustainable green building applications. Investments in the property “will not only focus on resident needs but on adding value to the overall community and serving Ferndale’s inclusive housing goals for decades to come,” said FHC Board President Jennifer Bentley.

About the RAD Program

HUD estimates that nationwide public housing infrastructure needs $26 billion in repairs, but there is insufficient funding to meet the needs. This lack of funding has resulted in significant numbers of public housing units lost to disrepair or obsolescence.

To combat this loss, HUD created the “Rental Assistance Demonstration” program in 2012. The program provides public housing agencies with more flexibility and creative means to fund the capital needs of public housing stock.

Through RAD, public housing is converted to the Section 8 program, administered by HUD through an alternative appropriation. Though subject to different regulations, residents’ rights, protections and assistance remain in place as governed by federal law.

 For more information about FHC, visit www.ferndalehousing.com.

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