On the Ballot: Two Charter Amendments on Clawson Ballots

On the Ballot: Two Charter Amendments on Clawson Ballots

Clawson, MI- Voters in Clawson have two Charter Amendments on the Nov. 6, 2018 ballot.  Ballot language is as follows:

Clawson City Charter Amendment Proposal 18 – 1 Shall  Chapter  18,  Section  18.07  of  the  Clawson  Charter,  which  currently  requires  publication  of  notices,  proceedings,  and  ordinances  to  be  either in a newspaper or by posting in at least five public places within the city, be deleted and restated to allow publication, as determined  by the City Council unless otherwise  required  by law, through one or more of the following:  posting in at least five public places within the  city,  published  in  a  newspaper,  posting  on  the  City’s  website,  or  publishing  by  any  other  means  or  methods  appropriate  to  properly  inform  the general public?

Charter Amendment Proposal 18 – 2 Proposed amendment to Clawson City Charter  – deletion of Chapter 17 (Justice Court) Chapter  17  (Justice  Court)  provides  for:

(1)  A  Justice  Court,  elected  judges  of  the  peace,  and  a  traffic  violations  bureau,  which  were  eliminated  in  1969  when  the  Legislature  established  district  courts,  and

(2)  the  elected  office  of  the  city  constable  which  was  abolished  by   City Ordinance No. 476 in 1977. Shall Chapter 17 (Justice Court) of the Charter be deleted?


Election Day is Nov. 6, 2018.  Find more information on ballot proposals and candidates at Oakland County Clerk’s website, and Oakland County Times Election Page.

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