On the Ballot: Farmington Hills Residents Asked to Vote on Road Funding

On the Ballot: Farmington Hills Residents Asked to Vote on Road Funding


(City of Farmington Press Release)

Farmington Hills, MI- Voters in Farmington Hills will be asked to vote on local road funding on the Nov. 6, 2018 ballot.  Ballot language is as follows:

Farmington Hills City Charter Amendment Proposal to Add Section 7.02f and Amend Section 9.05 to Transition the City from Special Assessments Into a Local  Road Improvement Millage as the Primary Method of Funding Local Road  Infrastructure Shall  the city charter be amended to authorize the annual levy of an additional special tax rate of up to 2.75 mills ($2.75 per $1, 000 taxable  value),  starting  with  the  July,  2019  levy  and  raising  approximately  $9,272,000  in  the  first  year,  for  improving,  rehabilitating,  repairing,  and   maintenance of local subdivision road infrastructure, and partly funding debt retirement and special assessment refunds, and eliminate limits  on  City  payments  toward  local  road  special  assessments,  and  amend  unexpired  special  assessment  rolls  to  zero- out  unpaid  balances  and   provide refunds for properties that have paid- off the special assessment as of November 6, 2018?

The City of Farmington Hills has more information on their website, including a tax calculator, details about road projects and a video explaining the goals of the millage.

Election Day is Nov. 6, 2018.  Find more information on ballot proposals and candidates at Oakland County Clerk’s website, and Oakland County Times Election Page.

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