2018 Primary Election Results and Voter Selfies

2018 Primary Election Results and Voter Selfies

(Compiled, Aug. 7, 2018)

Oakland County, MI –  Here are some of Oakland County’s election results.  For the most up to date numbers visit the Oakland County Clerk’s page.

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SMART renewal – Pass (total numbers not in as of 1am)

Addison: Police Millage – Pass (73.52%),  Fire Millage – Pass (78.94%),  N. Oakland Transportation – Pass (69.28%)

Bloomfield Township: Safety Path – Pass (71.09)

Highland: Fire Millage: Pass (71.09%), Library Pass (62.25%), Police Pass (72.30%)

Independence Township: Police Pass (76.89 %), Safety Path (69.41%)

Milford: Fire Pass (62.62%)

Orion: Safety Path Pass (64.68%), Parks & Rec Pass (57.20%), North Oakland Transportation Pass (68.88%)

Oxford: North Oakland Transportation Pass (74.19%)

Waterford: Police/Fire Pass (53.55%)

White Lake: Police Pass (72.36%), Fire Pass (76.77%), Library Pass (59.29%)

Farmington Hills: Parks & Rec Pass (76.27%)

Oak Park: Public Safety Headlee Pass (76.27%), Public Safety Retirement Savings Pass (70.06%)

Pontiac: Medical Marijuana Facilities Proposal 1 – Pass (50.06%), Proposal 2 Pass (50.33), Proposal 3 Fail (50.21%)

Royal Oak: Charter Revision on Elected Official Recall Pass (87.24%), Charter Revision to Allow any Commissioner to run for Mayor Pass (64.47%)

Beverly Hills: Charter Change on Petitioning Pass (84.43%)

Berkley Schools: Millage Pass (73.83%)

Hazel Park Schools: Operations Millage Pass (64.81%), Building Millage Pass (63.16%)

GOVERNOR’S RACE – Republican Bill Schuette and Democrat Gretchen Whitmer have won their respective primaries.

US SENATE – Republican John James will be facing incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow in the November election.


8th District – Republican Mike Bishop will face Democrat Elissa Slotkin.

9th District – Republican Candius Stearns will face Democrat Andy Levin.  Levin was a close second among Oakland County voters, but did well in Macomb County which secured his lead.

11th District – Republican Lana Epstein will face Democrat Haley Stevens.

14th District – Republican Marc Herschfus will face Democrat Brenda Lawrence.

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS -Below are the winners of the primaries, who will face off in November:

Dist. 1 – Mike Gingell (R), Michelle Bryant (D)

Dist. 2 – Bob Hoffman (R), Danielle McCluskey (D)

Dist. 3 – Michael Spisz (R), Michelle McClellan (D)

Dist. 4 – Tom Middleton (R), Ted Villella (D)

Dist. 5 – Tom J. Berman (R), Kristen Nelson (D)

Dist. 6 – Eileen Kowall (R), Tarrie Duke (D)

Dist. 7 – Christine Long (R), Karen J. Adams (D)

Dist. 8 – Phil Weipert (R), Toni Nagy (D)

Dist. 9 – Hugh D. Crawford (R), Gwen Markham (D)

Dist. 10 – David Foster (R), Angela Powell (D)

Dist. 11 – Thomas E. Kuhn (R), Ann Erickson Gault (D)

Dist. 12 – Shelley Goodman Taub (R), Cherie Horrigan-Happy (D)

Dist. 13 – Michelle Dinardo (R), Marcia Gershenson (D)

Dist. 14 – Bill Galvin (R), William Miller (D)

Dist. 15 – Adam Kochenderfer (R), Mary Wand (D)

Dist. 16 – Wade Fleming (R), Penny Luebs (D)

Dist. 17 – results not yet available

Dist. 18 – Steven Zimberg (R), Helaine Zack (D)

Dist. 19 – Michael Ryan (R), Dave Woodward (D)

Dist. 20 – Chris Adams (R), Gary McGillivray (D)

Dist. 21 – Richard VanCamp (R), Janet Jackson (D)

STATE REPRESENTATIVES – Below are the winners of the primaries, who will face off in November:

Dist. 26 – Al Gui (R), Jim Ellison (D)

Dist. 27 – Janet Flessland (R), Robert Wittenberg (D), Benjamin Carr (L)

Dist. 29 – Timothy Carrier (R), Brenda Carter (D)

Dist. 35 – Theodore Alfonsetti (R), Kyra Harris Bolden (D)

Dist. 37 – Mitch Swoboda (R), Christine Greig (D)

Dist. 38 – Kathy Crawford (R), Kelly Breen (D), Brian Wright (L)

Dist. 39 – Ryan Berman (R), Jennifer Suidan (D), Anthony Croff (L)

Dist. 40 – David Wolkinson (R), Mari Manoogian (D)

Dist. 41 – Doug Tietz (R), Padma Kuppa (D)

Dist. 43 – Andrea Schroeder (R), Nicole Breadon (D)

Dist. 44 – Matt Maddock (R), Laura Dodd (D)

Dist. 45 – Michael Webber (R), Kyle Cooper (D)

Dist. 46 – John Reilly (R), Mindy Deninger (D)

Dist. 51 – Mike Mueller (R), David E. Lossing (D)

STATE SENATOR – Below are the winners of the primaries, who will face off in November:

Dist. 11 – Boris Tuman (R), Jeremy Moss (D), James Young (L)

Dist. 12 – Michael McCready (R), Rosemary Bayer (D), Jeff Pittel (L)

Dist. 13 – Marty Knollenberg (R), Mallory McMorrow (D)

Dist. 14 – Ruth Johnson (R), Renee Watson (D)

Dist. 15 – Jim Runestad (R), Julia Pulver (D)

BRANDON TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE – Jayson Rumball (R), Marisa Prince (D)

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