Scammer Knew Victim’s Sex Offender Record, Used Realistic Aliases & Phone System

Scammer Knew Victim’s Sex Offender Record, Used Realistic Aliases & Phone System

(Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, Aug. 3, 2018)

Rochester Hills, MI – INCIDENT:  16:57 hrs. – City of Rochester Hills – Fraudulent Activity – #18-144896

SUMMARY:   Deputies responded to the City of Rochester Hills Substation to meet with the victim of a reported fraud.  The victim is currently a registered sex offender in the State of Michigan who resides in the City of Rochester Hills.  The victim was contacted by a person who claimed to be a Sergeant from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.  The victim did not answer the initial telephone call.  The suspect left a voicemail requesting that the victim return his phone call and provided a phone number.

Upon returning the phone, the suspect advised the victim that he was allegedly involved in an incident in City of Birmingham and that he needed to post a bond of $1000, using Google Play cards, or be arrested.  The suspect told the victim to drive to area vendors, purchase the play cards and then provide the serial numbers of these cards to him over the phone.   The victim drove to a local store and purchased several Google play cards.  The victim called the phone number back and was transferred to another alleged Sergeant from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.  The alleged Sergeant explained that the Google play cards did not work and told the victim to purchase more.  The alleged Sergeant was also able to provide the victim’s SID number, FBI number, Prison Identification Number, State of Michigan Sex Offender Registry Number, (all of that information is available on the state of Michigan’s’ OTIS website) the total amount of money in his bank account, and other personal information. It is unknown at this time how the victim’s bank information was obtained.

The victim’s wife contacted a neighbor who is a police officer. He advised that the activity was very suspicious and not legitimate.  The neighbor police officer met with the victim at the Comerica Bank located in the City of Auburn Hills.  The neighbor police officer then spoke with the man posing as an OCSO Sergeant on the phone..  When the neighbor identified himself as a police officer the phone disconnected.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  The phone number used is similar to a phone number utilized by the Sheriff’s Pontiac Substation.  The automated voicemail greeting identifies the number as an Oakland County Sheriff’s Office phone number with law enforcement related prompts.  The names provided to the suspect are also similar to current Sheriff’s Office personnel, a former Michigan Department of Corrections Parole Agent, and a current Federal Agent.  The number has since been disconnected per OCSO detectives.

OUTCOME OF INCIDENT:  Detectives from the City of Rochester Hills Substation and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit are continuing with the investigation.

VICTIM INFORMATION (#1):  60 year old male, resident of Rochester Hills.

The public is again reminded that law enforcement or the IRS will not call you on the phone and demand that you pay money in order to not  to be arrested.  If you receive any such phone calls immediately call your local police department or Sheriff’s Office that patrols your community to report it.


NOTE:  Police Reports come directly from the Police Department or agency involved and are written by the person or agency listed below the title.  We generally run these “as is” or with minimal editing for punctuation, spelling, etc. Suspects should not be presumed guilty.  Those needing more information about a case are encouraged to follow up with the reporting agency or court system for the most current information.

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