Superhero Mom by Breanna Miele

Superhero Mom by Breanna Miele

Ferndale, MI – I’ve always thought my mom had superpowers, but I’ve finally discovered which ones. To start, my mom must have energy-sourcing abilities, because how else would she be able to draw the power she needs to get everything done? Maybe she has duplication or omnipresence powers which allow her to be in multiple places at once to tackle all the cooking, cleaning, and errands.

She could have time-manipulation powers so she can slow or stop time, or maybe she can just move, think, and react at a superhuman speed. I haven’t figured out exactly how she does it yet, but it has to be one of those ways. I think she also has superhuman strength and endurance, because she can take care of everything and everyone around her without needing to take any time for herself. How is that possible?

And she must have telepathy. How else do you explain how my mom always knows how we’re all thinking and feeling? Finally, she definitely has power-recognition abilities, because she knows the special talents and strengths of all of her loved ones. How do I know my mom is a superhero? Because there’s no other explanation.

Blumz by JR Designs hosted a contest to recognize Super Hero moms. Winners were selected from their Detroit, Holly and Ferndale Shops. Learn more about Blumz at

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