Superhero Mom by Anne Drakos

Superhero Mom by Anne Drakos

Ferndale, MI – My mom naturally delivered twins (my brother and I) and that alone is a feat that I believe makes her a super hero. But aside from that, my mom is a super hero for a multitude of reasons. My twin brother has Asperger’s and also suffers from Bipolar Depression with Psychosis. He has struggled with learning disabilities and social-cognitive development his entire life. His biggest advocate through all of his struggles has always been my mom. It’s far from easy, and I’ve watched my mom struggle and cry and spend sleepless nights worrying about my brother and his well-being. But she still gets up the next day with a new drive to help him tackle whatever comes his way.

My mom has been there for my brother since day one, through a time (in the 90’s, when we were kids) where resources weren’t as abundantly available to kids like my brother. Where mental illness wasn’t even talked about. But she advocated for him, she got him the proper resources to help him develop and now, because of her nurturing, my brother is a college graduate. My mom’s love for my brother and I motivates and inspires me each and every day.
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