2017 Candidate Interview: Nathaniel Lewis for Southfield City Council

2017 Candidate Interview: Nathaniel Lewis for Southfield City Council

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Oct. 13, 2017)

Southfield, MI – Nathaniel Lewis is one of eight candidates running for Southfield City Council. The top three vote-getters will have a four year term and the fourth highest vote-getter will have two year term. Also on the ballot are Lloyd C. Crews, Myron Frasier, Sara Habbo, Harold Hill, Coretta Houge, Michael Ari Mandelbaum and Linnie Taylor.

Lewis has 20 years experiences as a special education teacher.  He’s also worked on staff in the House of Representatives, in the world headquarters of Ford Motor Company and as a minister.  He served on the Southfield School Board for 8 years.

“People should vote for me because firstly I have 8 years of public office experience. And in those 8 years I served the community well,” Lewis said.  “The community already knows that I’m honest.  I’m a man of integrity and if I was to be elected I would work diligently to make changes in the community.  On a lot of the issues when I was on the School Board, I stood alone. I did what was right, not what was political.  And if I was to be elected I would be a strong advocate for the people.  I want to point out that all campaign expenses has been paid for by me. Which means that if I was to be elected to Southfield City Council, I don’t owe any political favors. So that makes me the best man for the position because I would be for the people, of the people, by the people.”

Hear more of what Lewis had to say:

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