Madison Heights Community Recognizes Youth for Volunteerism

Madison Heights Community Recognizes Youth for Volunteerism

(Crystal A. Proxmire May 9, 2017)

Madison Heights, MI – Families filled the UFCW Hall in Madison Heights Tuesday morning to honor youth throughout the Madison Heights Community for volunteer efforts.

“Over 150 nominations were accepted,” said Kimberly Heisler of the Madison Heights Community Coalition, who hosted the annual awards breakfast along with Madison Heights Youth Assistance.  “I’m super excited to see so many kids volunteering.”

Among the young volunteers was second grader Rayann Gum of Edmonson Elementary who donated 10” of hair to Wigs for Kids, 11th grader Andrew Henderson of Madison Prep. who walks with an impaired student every morning to help them exercise, and Maryana Kamil of Page Middle School who immigrated to the United States four years ago to escape the war-torn Middle East and now tutors other ESL students in math.

Dozens of students from all buildings were recognized for tasks including fundraising for local causes, collecting food for the needy, coaching younger students, and helping around school.  Some students even helped produce a video that promotes things to do in Madison Heights.

Mayor Brian Hartwell gave the keynote speech, talking to students about the four pieces of advice for a successful life, which he borrowed from Lana Rings of the University of Texas.

“You have to be persistent,” Hartwell said.  “This also means you have to be bad before you can be good.  You have to find mentors.  This probably means your parents, your teachers.  But all through your life find mentors and they will show you the way.  The third is to be happy….Fourth is to find and follow your passions.  If one of your passions is to help others, don’t ever let that go.”

Mary Schusterbauer of Oakland County Youth Assistance said there are over 1,000 volunteers across Oakland County that make Youth Assistance work.  She said that many are humble. “If you thanked them they would shrug and say ‘oh it’s nothing,’ Schusterbauer said.  “When you walk out of here today, we want you to be proud, because we are proud of you.”

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