Apartments planned for Main Street and I-696 in Royal Oak

Apartments planned for Main Street and I-696 in Royal Oak

Royal Oak, MI – The odd-shaped lot at Main Street and I-696 in Royal Oak could soon house a five-story building with apartments, retail and parking, in a development called SoMa.  On Tuesday, the Royal Oak Planning Commission approved a special land use and site plan for Singh Development LLC to build the 240-apartment structure.

The description of the project, from the Planning Commission Packet, is ”  The  petitioner  proposes  to  construct  a  five- story  mixed – used  building  that  would  contain  240  multiple- family  dwelling  units  and  10,074  square   feet of ground -floor space for retail sales. The dwelling units would  form the perimeter of  the  building  and  face  all  adjacent  streets  and  also  an  interior  court  yard.   The  dwelling   units  would  include  townhouses  and  apartments  with  one  and  two  bedrooms.   The  ground- floor  retail  units  would  face  the  southwest  lot  line  along  Woodward  Avenue.  A   five -level  parking  deck  would  be  contained  within  the  interior  of  the   building .  Surface   parking  spaces  would  also  be  included  at  the  front  of  the  building  along  Woodward   Avenue and South Washington Avenue.”

Residents of SoMa “shall enjoy amenities including a Fitness Area,  Yoga studio and Clubroom, which will consist of a business center, internet café and resident  lounge.  Outdoors, residents will bask in amenities  including pool with tanning shelf, outdoor  living rooms with flat screen TV’s, fire pit and barbecue grills.  SoMa District will also include over 10,000 SF of commercial space fronting Washington Avenue,  Woodward and the Detroit Zoo. It is suited to attract a boutique office, restaurant or service  amenities for the surrounding residents and visitors of the neighboring Zoo,” the plan states.

In terms of access to the parking deck, the plan states ” The parking deck would be accessed by a two- way, 24 – foot  wide  driveway  to  Tiffany  Lane.  Tiffany  Lane  is  not  a  public  right -of-way  and  is   actually  private  property  that  is   included  within  the  petitioner’s  parcel  boundaries.   The  street  is   used  by  the  multiple- family  residential  development  to  the  north  for  parallel  parking  even though it  is  not their  property. The  development to the north does not have  direct vehicular access to Tiffany Lane. The surface parking lots on the west side of the site would be accessed by a pair of two- way driveways, one with a width of 22 feet to Tiffany Lane and another with a width of  30  feet  to  Woodward  Avenue   where  it  intersects  South  Washington  Avenue.  No  direct   access is proposed to either South Main Street or West 10 Mile Road.

…Two  off -street  parking  spaces  are  required  for  each  dwelling  unit   according  to  §  770- 107  of  the  zoning  ordinance,  or  480  spaces  for  the  240  proposed   units.  One  space  for  every  250  square  feet  of  retail  floor  area  is  also  required  or  41   spaces for 10,074 square feet of retail floor area. In total 521 parking spaces would be  required under § 770- 107 for the entire project.  According to the site plan (sheet SP1) and  garage level  plans  (sheets PD -001 and PD – 002)  there are 540 off -street parking spaces  provided throughout the site . The multiple- level parking deck would have 451 spaces while the two surface parking lots would have  61  spaces . Twenty -eight  parallel  parking spaces are also proposed along Tiffany Lane.”

The $40 million complex would have a courtyard with a pool in the middle, and rental prices of about $1,000-$2,000 per month.

For more information, see the Planning Commission documents at

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