Women’s March in Lansing Part of Demonstrations Around the World

Women’s March in Lansing Part of Demonstrations Around the World

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Jan. 21, 2017)

Lansing, MI – A massive Women’s March in Washington DC on the day after the Inauguration of Donald Trump inspired “sister” marches and rallies across the county and the world, including a gathering of over 8,000 people on the lawn of the Michigan Capitol in Lansing.

Demonstrators held signs in support of many issues, including diversity, understanding climate change, peace, protecting the environment, supporting education, healthcare, equality and fairness in democracy.  Many wore pink knitted hats in homage to vaginas.  Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown, who famously was censored as a State Representative for saying “Finally Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no.,’ during a hearing on access to reproductive healthcare, was one of the speakers at the rally.

Gretchen Whitmer, who has already announced that she is running for Governor in 2018, urged the crowd “When they go low, we go high,” a slogan made famous in Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the Presidency.

“We are marching because so many of us are worried about the climate in Washington DC. Many of us are really scared, and I know we are feeling conflicted.  Why are we conflicted? Well, because on one hand we don’t want to be like a US  Senate Republicans and do what they did to Obama on the first day of his Presidency. Despite our justifiable instinct to the contrary, we cannot root for this President to fail. … Despite our anger, our bitterness, and our fears, or maybe because of them, we must go high… A failing President is a failing country.”

Whitmer urged people to continue to stand in solidarity for the issues that are important to them.

Susan Hass was among those that attended the rally.  “My family, including my 85 year old mom from Bloomfield were there to stand against all the horrible rhetoric and hate Mr Trump and his supporters spew,” she said.

Marches took place across the United States, with the one in Washington DC breaking a record for being the largest demonstration ever. Sydney, Paris, Mexico City, New Delhi and even Paradise Bay, Antarctica had marches.


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