Como’s Has First Inspection Since Re-Opening, Offers New Menu & Dance Classes

Como’s Has First Inspection Since Re-Opening, Offers New Menu & Dance Classes

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Jan. 11, 2017)

Ferndale, MI – After being shut down by the health department, Como’s Restaurant at 22812 Woodward has been back in business for about 11 weeks.  Oakland County 115 News shared with the public the violations that had gotten the family-owned establishment shut down, and as promised, has reviewed their latest inspection.

The inspection by Oakland County Health Division took place Dec. 21, 2016.

“This is the first inspection since the opening of the facility on 10/21/16 after the revocation of the food service license.  Facility has complied with all resolutions from the revocation board. Cleaning logs, temperature logs, training logs, OCHD QA logs, and cleaning logs have been provided to OCHD for the past two months since re-opening.  No new employees have been hired.  All current employees have taken the basic food safety class,” the report states.

There were five violations included in the Dec. 21 report, all of which were resolved at the time the inspector noted them:

Dented cans. “Observed several dented cans of garbanzo beans and artichoke hearts on the can storage rack in the back of house.” Code requires that “food packages shall be in good condition and protect the integrity of the contents so that the food is not exposed to adulteration or potential contaminants.”  An employee resolved the violation by separating the dented cans from the other to return them to the vendor.

Soiled Utensils. Code requires that equipment and utensils should be cleaned after use. Inspectors noted that the can opener blade in the upstairs kitchen and the knife and dough cutter in the basement pizza prep area had not been cleaned.  To resolve this an employee cleaned and sanitized those items.

Hairnet. An employee prepping lettuce in the back of house was not wearing a hair restraint such as a hat or hairnet. To resolve this the employee put one on.

Improper Scooping and Storage of Scoop. Instead of using scoops with handles, employees had been using bowls inside the sugar and flour bins.  Instead of cleaning the bowls between uses they’d been left in the sugar and flour.  This was resolved by removing the bowls from the food bins.

Light Bulb. There was a burnt out light bulb in the pizza walk in cooler in the basement.  This was resolved by an employee replacing the bulb.

Como’s opened in 1961 and features Italian fare including pastas and pizzas. Management declined to comment for this story, however a press release in December touted new menu items and an updated décor that includes artwork on the tables.  “We’ve made some fantastic changes and additions and have thoroughly addressed and resolved any outstanding issues with the Oakland County Health Division,” said owner George Grego in the press release.  It also announced the hiring of a new chef and new menu options including a “build your own pasta” option where guests can chose the kind of noodles and sauce they want, including a gluten-free option.

Their website also announces a ballroom dance class and a hustle class coming up in March.

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