Guest Blog: Taking New Year’s Resolutions to a New Level

Taking New Year’s Resolutions To A New Level

(Guest Blog by Evan Stern, Bloomfield Hills High School, Dec. 27, 2016)
This annual time of the year is often the preeminent center of a number of extensive and joyous celebrations and festivities, both in reflecting in retrospect on the prior twelve months, and preparing for the following, a year of new, striking opportunity.
Indeed, from Christmas and Hanukkah to Kwanzaa and the New Year, as well as an additional plethora of celebrations, society is confined in the highest degree of bliss.
And all is seemingly and to a degree at a delightful standstill.
However, this is not at all the authentic matter at the given time, beyond the
peripheries of this ideal realm.
In fact, a heavy majority of the global population is not engulfed in this moment in time, enduring a scenario of utter disbelief.
Violent war and subsequent struggle perpetually continue across our planet, with no apparent conclusion on the horizon. Poverty holds tightly onto millions, imprisoning them in their own civilizations in a world of destitution. Rampant, deadly diseases sweep across thousands of miles, leaving only oblivion in its covered-trajectory, eternally forestalling or terminating the lives of numerous. And famine and drought impose on the gift of life.
As much as we continue believing that the world beyond our serene, placid snow globe rings true across the globe, in fact the truth could not be further. And the reality is that this heart-wrenching story — hanging above the heads of millions, if not billions — is the wholly simple case for the majority of those beyond the margins of our realm. For, the prospect of a pleasing December of celebrations, holidays, and the like is as far as the sun, tens of millions of miles away, for the aforementioned.
Though, in our confinement, festive, flashing lights round every street corner. Holiday music endlessly dominates the radio. And alluring snow storms adorn the ambiance. In short, this opaque realm we occupy effectively shields us, blindsided, from the reality, evidently a cruel and threatening one. However, this doesn’t have to be the inherent story, this time of the year, henceforth. In fact, each and every one of us can effectively resolve to spread as much of this joyous, enthralling December realm to as many as humanly possible this New Year.
It is the truth, that although as harsh and unrecoverable as the majority’s hardships seem to prove, with strength, we, each harnessing our undestroyable and distinguished abilities, can to an extraordinary extent repair the irreparable and redeem society’s most horrid-stricken variations of life, far outside the fringes of our boundaries. With this momentous New Year’s resolution and undertaking, we in fact possess the true capability to alter the course of the world.

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