Reporter Food: Battle Alley Burger at Andy’s Place in Holly

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(Crystal A. Proxmire, Oct. 15, 2016)

Holly, MI – About two years ago I was at an event and had not had a chance to eat yet, so I forced myself to have some of the salami that was there with the fruit and cheese.  I’d tried salami once as a kid  swore it off forever.  But now that I’m a grown-up with clearly more refined tastes, my mouth waters just from thinking of it.  That’s why when I went to Andy’s Place for a Holly Chamber of Commerce lunch meet up last week I was very excited to order the Battle Alley Burger.

Andy’s Place, located at 208 S. Broad Street in Downtown Holly,  is known for their burgers and beer.  Each specialty burger is made with locally sourced meat and bread from the Davisburg Bread Company (which is actually located in Downtown Holly).  The Battle Alley Burger is topped with grilled salami, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, spinach, Provolone, and Boursin Cheese.  Yeah, read that list again.  Thidaytrip_andys-places is a seriously decant burger.

There are several good choices with names like Train Wreck, Kaboose, and the Hollyberry Hottie Burger.  Battle Alley Burger is a nod to one of the community’s historic points of interest. Battle Alley is where railroad workers in the 1800s would go when they’d been enjoying too much whisky and needed a place to fight.

Along with the burger I got tater cheesers which are pretty much what you might guess – tater tots stuffed with cheese.   As if that was not enough, the owner (her name is Andy) shared some “Better than Sex” cake.  It’s been a while so I don’t know if the name is entirely accurate.  However, it’s always great when a neighborhood bar makes their deserts from scratch, the cake was amazing.

The other thing I love about Andy’s is they have a train mural on the daytrip_jacq-n-dianeside of the building, and an outdoor seating area on Broad Street.  Across the street is a park and the train tracks that are a part of the historic village’s charm.

It was also fun having lunch with people from the local business community.  The talk of the town is the upcoming Ladies’ Night Out, which happens Nov. 11.

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