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(Crystal A. Proxmire, Oct. 8, 2016)

Ferndale, MI – As the number of entrepreneurs and people able to work from home grows, so does the need for low-cost office space and drop-in shared work-spaces.  Renaissance Vineyard Church in Ferndale (1841 Pinecrest) has come up with a solution that, according to Rev. Jim Pool is intended to help “bless the businesses” with a place of community, privacy if needed, and reliable internet.

Greenhouse Ferndale is the congregation’s project that takes an area one used for storage, and royal_servicesturns it into offices and shared space.  The four secured offices are already occupied, but the “Greenhouse Hotel” is a quiet office with a door that can be used if privacy is needed.  There is a section of tables with plugs, and a separate room that has comfy chairs and couches for more of a lounge feel.

Dig Wealth, Clicks and Mortar Websites, Palm Treat, and Rise Above the Din Social Media have already claimed their spaces.

Anthony Kasperkek of Dig Wealth has worked from Sterling Heights and Southfield to Wall Street.  He and his family recently moved back to the Detroit area from New York so their kids could enjoy having a yard to play in.  The atmosphere of his little room in the upstairs of a church was apparent the first day.

“I’m here the first day everything was settled, it’s a Monday.  And it’s quiet.  You’ve got the garden outside, some birds chipping, this fresh air.  That’s it.  Then this Ugandan Church group shows up, all in their full traditional dress, here to worship in this space.  And a little garden16_chad_mattwhile later these trucks from Forgotten Harvest come in and set up these tents in the parking lot, like a farmers market, for people coming to get fresh food.  Shortly after that there was a yoga class.  All this on a Monday.  It’s amazing the way this place has so much community happening in it.”

Pool came up with the idea when Kasperkek just needed a quiet place to work for a couple of days.

“I understood the need.  I had a home office for a while but as soon as our son was old enough to open doors, a home office was not working any more. So I get it.  So with  Renaissance Vineyard, as we’ve been connecting with more of the business community since joining the Ferndale Chamber, we wanted to use what we have – which is space – to help businesses thrive.”

SaharaAd_03The upstairs was transformed into office space and Kasperkek’s Dig Wealth moved in along with three friends.  Clicks and Mortar, Palm Treat and Rise Above the Din are all independent businesses, but they work together on projects and give each other referrals.

Sonya Mastik of Rise Above the Din and Josh Slaughter of Clicks and Mortar Website are happy with their offices.  “I love having other people around when I’m working,” Slaughter said.  “And that we can work together or be in our own space.”

Because Renaissance Vineyard is a church, they ask for donations from the businesses using the space.  Secured office space is already full, but individuals can sign up to have access to the common areas.  The suggested donation is $50 per month, which includes access to the shared workspace and the community room, access to “the hotel” if available, and high speed internet.  Details may change as the greenhouse gets going.

For more information check out the Greenhouse Ferndale Facebook page at

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