What do Low Voter Turnout Numbers Mean for Democracy?

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What do Low Voter royal_servicesTurnout Numbers Mean for Democracy?

(Kurt Metzger, Sept. 1, 2016)

Pleasant Ridge, MI – Does anyone care about Voter Turnout any more – especially in the primaries?

While it is my hope (though I have grave doubts, especially with primary turnout) that voters realize how often primaries determine most of the elected slots across the US House and lisa schmidt lawSenate and State House and Senate, due to the gerrymandering that goes on after every Census – leaving little doubt about party preference.

I am more concerned about the fact that many “money” issues are thrown onto primary ballots because turnouts are low and a somewhat well financed effort to get your supporters out can make the difference.

Cases in point.  The Hazel Park Library bond issue (I love libraries) passed because 6.6 percent of the registered voters said Yes.

The increase in the Ferndale library assessment was approved by 15.1 percent of the registered voters

The Ferndale Schools Sinking Fund millage was passed by 17.5 percent of registered voters in the district, breaking out as the following sub-percentages:blumz07

Royal Oak Twp. – 9.9 percent

Oak Park – 14.2 percent

Ferndale – 17.4 percent

Pleasant Ridge – 28.6 percent

The Oak Park Sinking Fund was approved by 11.1 percent of registered voters

It is amazing how we allow economic decisions, that affect us in a number of ways, to be made garden16_Krzysiak familyby so few people!

Kurt Metzger is Mayor of Pleasant Ridge and Director Emeritus of Data Driven Detroit. Check out more guest columns by Metzger and read more about him in the news at: http://oaklandcounty115.com/?s=metzger.


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