15 Pictures from the Ferndale Green Cruise

essentialTOPtemp15 Pictures from the Ferndalegallowaycollens1 Green Cruise

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Aug. 14, 2016)

Ferndale, MI – With legs pumping instead of pistons and wheels being spun with exercise instead of gasoline, the annual Sierra Club Green Cruise in Downtown Ferndale is a demonstration of people-powered transit.

The community’s answer to the massive Dream Cruise event next weekend, the Green Cruise is a gathering of activists, bicycle buffs, and those touting more natural, healthy lifestyles.

In tents that lined a half a block of E. 9 Mile, there were activists in favor of transit, of ending nuclear power plants, in support of cleaner water and recycling, and opposed to  fracking.

At one of the booths 18-year-old Dashayla Lippett shared information about the Youth Energy Squad HowesLocationprogram that works in conjunction with the Detroit Schools’ Green Team program.

“We got training on how to make homes more energy efficient and we go out to people’s homes to do an evaluation of where they are losing energy.  Then we do things to help them save money and energy, like draft guards at the bottom of doors, caulk, energy efficient light bulbs and we sit down with the person and go over their energy bills and talk about ways they can use less,” she said.  Lippert began the program when she was 16 years old and is proud of being able to help people save energy and being able to help the younger teens as they train.

Jean Gramlich of Rose Township came to encourage people to sign a pledge against gerrymandering.  “It’s appalling,” Gramlich said.  “The lines are drawn there are very concentrated districts that are heavily Republican or heavily Democratic. Whichever party draws the district can make it so they have more seats than the other party, and that is not fair.”

There were also dozens of bicyclists who went on various length rides through the Metro Detroit, ending up back in Downtown Ferndale in time for the parade.

The Green Parade itself was a modest gathering of pedestrians and cyclists, as well as a pair of acrobats.  garden16_mejishi martial arts_octFour volunteers carried the world on their shoulders, followed by members of the Sterling Heights Marching band.  They walked a couple blocks up East 9 Mile, turned around and came back, led by Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash who served as Grand Marshall for the event.

“The environment has always been a priority for me,” Nash said.  “Not just the need for clean water, but the need to take care of the planet and not destroy it for future generations.”

Morning downpours likely contributed to space attendance at the event compared to years’ past.  But organizers cruised forward, making sure that the parade was fun for those who participated and those who watched from the sidewalks.  For previous Green Cruise stories go to: http://oaklandcounty115.com/?s=green+cruise

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