Troy Community Coalition Gives Safety Tips for Pokemon, Applauds Benefits

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(Troy Community Coalition, Aug. 10, 2016)

Troy, MI – Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm and it’s likely that your children, regardless of their age, are playing it. The mobile phone app has caused a lot of positive effects in communities around the world, because it requires players to go out and explore the real world to collect Pokemon. It is also keeping people, especially teens, busy with an activity that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol.

It’s imperative to have a discussion about safety with anyone in your family who is playing the popular app. Please take the time and review these safety tips with garden16_Jeffrey Martin Febthem:

~Always catch Pokemon with a friend and stay where people congregate.

~Don’t go where you’re not supposed to be. Don’t trespass or run into the middle of the street to catch a Pokemon.

~Be aware of your surroundings.

~Don’t play while driving, biking, riding a skateboard, etc. and watch where you are going.

~Don’t let the battery on your phone run out.


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