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Oakland County, MI – Now that the primaries are over, it’s time to think about the 2016 Presidential Election.

There are many local races happening as well, plus ballot issues.  The official list is not ready from the County Clerk yet, however we’ve been doing candidate interviews since before the primaries.  The oc115 believes in giving all political candidates a voice and a chance for readers to meet the people who want to represent them. So check out the videos below by clicking on the name or the picture of the candidate you’d like to hear from.

If there is no link it likely means that candidate’s interview not complete. This will be updated as new interviews and posts are available.  For a complete list of candidates go to The Oakland County Clerk’s Elections Division Page.

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Congress – 8th District

R- Mike Bishop, D – Suzanna Shkreli, L – Jeff Wood, G – Maria Green

Congress – 9th District

R – Christopher R. Morse, D – Sander Levin, L – Matthew Orlando, G – John V. McDermott

Congress – 11th District

R – David A. Trott

D – Anil Kumar

L – Jonathan Ray Osment

I – Kerry Bentivolio

Congress – 14th District

R- Howard Klausnerj and d ad

D – Brenda L. Lawrence

L – Gregory Creswell

G – Marcia Squier

State Rep – 26th District

R- Randy LeVasseur

D – Jim Ellison

State Rep – 27th District

R – Kyle Forrest

D – Robert Wittenberg

State Rep – 29th District

R- Peter Tzros

R- Garren W. Griffith

D- Tim Greimel

G – Artelia Marie Leak

State Rep 35th Districtgarden16_barbara_gulley

R- Robert Brim

D- Jeremy Moss

State Rep 37th District

R – Matt Beer

R – Mitch Swoboda

D – Christine Greig

L – James K. Young

State Rep 38th District

R – Kathy Crawford

D – Amy McCusker

State Rep 39th DistrictMBREW draft one

R – Klint Kesto

D – Michael Stack

N – Beth McGrath

State Rep 40th District

R – Michael D. McCready

D- Nicole Bedi

State Rep 41st District

R- Martin Howrylak

R – Ryan Manier

D – Cyndi Peltonen

State Rep 43rd District

R – Jim Tedder

D – Ted Villella

State Rep 44th Districtgarden16_monte_albert

R – Jim Runestad

D – Mark Venie

State Rep 45th District

R – Michael Webber

D- Immanuel Eickholdt

D – Ted Golden

State Rep 46th District

R – Joe Kent

R – John Reilly

D – David Lillis

State Rep 51st District

R – Joseph GravesDDAnew01

D – Ryan Bladzik

L – Mark Sanborn

Oakland County Executive

R – L. Brooks Patterson

D – Vicki Barnett

D – Mark Danowski

Prosecuting Attorney

R – Mike Goetz

D – Jessica R. Cooper

L – Steve Afton


R – Michael Boucharddinos02sidelogo3

D – Craig Covey

Clerk/Register of Deeds

R- Tina Barton

R – Bill Bullard Jr.

D – Lisa Brown

D – Michael D. Smith


R – John P. McCulloch

D – Andy Meisner

Water Resources Commissioner

R – Robert Buxbaum

D – Jim Nash

County Commissioner District 1

R – Michael J. Gingell lisa schmidt law

D – Michelle Bryant

County Commissioner District 2

R – Salvatore Delia

R – Bob Hoffman

R – Robert Kleven

D – Rhonda Carr

County Commissioner 3rd District

R – Michael Spisz

D – Michelle McClellan

County Commissioner 4th District

R – Tom Middleton

D – Phillip Reid

County Commissioner 5th District

R – Tom Berman

R’s – Tom Isaacs, S. Bobby Jasti, Pat Ogg, Phillip TrzosRust Belt Ad late Fridays

D – Jane Felice-Bourdreau

D – Julia A. Pulver

County Commissioner 6th District

R – Eileen Kowall

D – Kimberli Troutt

County Commissioner 7th District

R – Christine A. Long

D – Frederick Golding

County Commissioner 8th District

R – Phil Weipert

D – Roland J. Schneider

County Commissioner 9th District

R – Hugh CrawfordHowesLocation

D – Colleen Crossey

County Commissioner 10th District

R – David B. Foster

D – David Bowman

County Commissioner 11th District

R – Doug Tietz

D – Bob Storc

County Commissioner 12th District

R – Chuck Moss

R – Shelley Goodman Taub

D – Charles Gaba

County Commissioner 13th Districtgarden16_pamela_williams

R – Michelle Dinardo

R – Max Rohtbart

D – Marcia Gershenson

County Commissioner 14th District

R – Bill Dwyer

D – William Miller III

County Commissioner 15th District

R – Adam Cochenderfer

D – Mary Ward

County Commissioner 16th District

R -Wade Fleming

D – Charles Salgat

County Commissioner 17th DistrictChazzano03

R- Regina Brim

R- David Cuttner

D- Nancy Quarles

County Commissioner 18th District

R- Steven Zimberg

D- Helaine Zack

County Commissioner 19th District

R – Michael Ryan

D – Dave Woodward

County Commissioner 20th District

R – David J. Harrell

R – J. Karl Jackson *Pledge_side_blue

D – Gary R. McGillivray

County Commissioner 21st District

R – Richard A. Vancamp

D – Janet Jackson

Village of Holly President

Nonpartisan – Dave Cruickshank

Nonpartisan – James Perkins

Nonpartisan – Richard (Dick) Rossell

Village of Holly Council (all nonpartisan)

Robert Allsop, Pauline Kenner, Debra Musgrave, Ryan Shiel, Calvin Steele and Buster Winebrenner

Waterford Township Council

Anthony Bartoloa, Michael Healy, Karen Joliat, Steve Thomas, Kent Douglas, Donna F. Kelley, Matthew K. McClure, Robin McGregor.

VARIOUS SCHOOL BOARD INTERVIEWS (for complete list for your community visit Oakland County Elections Page)

OCC Trustee – nonpartisan –Evan Agnello, Susan E. Anderson, Kathleen Anna Bertolini, Jessica Gingell, Pam Jackson, Thomas W. Kelly, Thomas E. Kuhn, Terrell VanCleef Lockhart, Max MilsteinEmily Mixter, Charles E. Murphy, Chirstian Noordhoorn, James Paul O’Rilley,  John Randle Sr.,  daytrip_books_past_tenseE. Wadsworth Sherrod III, Eric J. Siegel, Tim Terpening

State Board of Education –  Tom McMillin (R), Nikki Snyder (R), Ish Ahmed (D), John Austin (D), Scotty Boman (L), Bill Hall(L), Karen Adams (U), Douglas Levesque (U), Derek M. Grigsby (G), Sherry A. Wells (G) and Mary Anne Hering (W)

Birmingham School Board – Lori Ajlouny, Douglas Arceo, Audra Bartholomew, Corey Jacoby, Brian Jennings, Kimberly Whitman, Adrienne Young

Ferndale School Board – Jackie Hart and Mark Davisson

Southfield School Board – Charles Hicks

VARIOUS LIBRARY BOARD INTERVIEWS (for complete list for your community visit Oakland County Elections Page)

West Bloomfield Township Library – Judith Holtz, Carol A. Kravetz, Ken Macon, and Wendy Bidgood Osthaus,  Carol Foster

INFORMATION ON BALLOT PROPOSALS: (for complete list for your community visit Oakland County Elections Page)

ALL – Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan

Royal Oak – Proposal A – Public Safety Millage

Hazel Park – Ballot proposals and Hazel Park Schools sinking fund proposal


Michigan Supreme Court – Deborah Thomas, Kathy L. Morgan, Joan Larsen

Probate Judge (6 yr term, nonpartisan)

Jennifer Callaghan, Karen Geibel

Sixth Circuit Court Judge (6 year term, nonpartisan)

Lori Slavin, Victoria Valentine

20161106_sandy-levin-candidate-interview_title20161015_christopher-morse_title20161009_anil-kumar-congress-title20160920_kerry-bentivilio-titel20161007_congressperson-brenda-lawrence-candidate-interview_-title20160611_2016 Candidate Interview Randy LeVasseur for State Rep2016_candidate interview_jim ellison_title20161016_robert-wittenberg_titel20160809_candidate interview tim griemel state rep 29 district title20160721_Pete Tzros_Candidate interview title20160620_candidate interview jeremy moss state rep title20160728_2016 Candidate Interview Mitch Swoboda for State Rep 37th District_title20161024_candidate-interview-christine-creig-2016-title20161028_klint-kesto-candidate-interview-title20160717_Nicole Bedi for State Rep20161028_cyndi-peltonen-candidate-interview-title20160620_ryan manier candidate interview_title20160918_jim-runestad_title20160731_Immanuel “Ike” Eickholdt for State Rep 45th District20160904_candidate interview joseph graves 51 state rep TITLE20160904_candidate interview ryan bladzik holly title20160802_vicki barnett for oakland county executive title2016_candidate interview_mike goetz_title20161019_jessica-cooper-title20160511_sheriff_bouchard_title20160511_covey_title20160615_tina creek barton clerk20160526_candidate_bill_bullard_oakland county clerk_title20160526_candidate_lisa brown_oakland county clerk_TITLE20160615_michael smith county clerk20161031_-2016-candidate-interview-john-mcculloch-for-oakland-county-treasurer20160610Candidate Interview Andy Meisner Oakland County Treasurer 201620160609_2016 Candidate Interview Robert Buxbaum for Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner title20160610_2016 Candidate Interview Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash_title20160713_2016 Candidate Interview Michelle Bryant for Oakland County Commission Dist 1_title20160920_crossey_title20161027_david-bowman_title20160515_chuck_moss_interview-title20160515_shelley goodman taub_candidate interview_title20160515_charles_gaba_title20160729_2016 Candidate Interview David Cuttner for County Commission 17th District_title20160730_2016 Candidate Interview County Commissioner Helaine Zack 18th District title20160920_county-commissioner-dave-woodward-ttiel20160731_Michael Ryan for County Commission Dist20160708 candidate interview David Harrell troy title20160708_2016 Candidate Interview County Commissioner Gary R2060908dave-cruickshank-for-holly-village-president-title20160909_james-perkins-caandidate-interview-title20160909_2016-candidate-interview-richard-dick-rossell-for-holly-village-president-title20161025_candidate-interview-ryan-shiel-title20161016_2016-candidate-interview-robin-mcgregor-for-waterford-trustee20161020_evan-agnello-for-occ-trustee-title20160925_john-randle-for-occ-trustee-title20160925_emily-mixter-occ-trustee-2016-title20161020_max-milstein-for-occ-trustee-title20161029_charles-murphy-for-occ-trustee20161031_ish-ahmed-for-state-board-of-ed-title20161030_john-austin-state-board-of-ed20161024_candidate-interview-sherry-well-board-of-education20161003_adrienne-young-candidate-interview-birmingham-schools-title20161020_audra-bartholomew-candidate-title20161003_candidate-interview-jacki-hart-and-mike-davisson-ferndale-schools20160920_charles-hicks-for-southfield-school-board-title20161015_candidate-interviews-west-bloomfield-township-board-title20161106_carol-foster-for-west-bloomfield-twp20161101_judge-deborah-thomas-candidate-interview-201620161028_jennifer-callaghan-for-probate-judge20161106_candidate-interview-lori-savin-judge-title20160804_transit-rta-votes-title20161022_royal-oak-proposal-a-title20161030_hazel-park-voters-consider-staggered-terms-more-signatures-and-school-sinking-fund-titledickeys bottom CATER

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