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Pontiac Community Comes Together to Celebrate Upcoming School Year

dickeys top CATER2Pontiac Community Comes Jacks AdTogether to Celebrate Upcoming School Year

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Aug. 8, 2016)

Pontiac, MI – On the stage at a rally for Pontiac students and families was a barrel full of names, representing hundreds of kids who made it through the school year with perfect attendance.

Though the rally had much to offer, the drawing was a big draw for the thousands who came out.  The winner of the drawing got a new car from Joe Lunghamer Chevrolet Another family won living room furniture and another won $500.

“Joe Lunghamer wanted to know what he could do to help keep kids in school and on the right track. So he donated a new car.  That’s how much people in this community care about you, lynn_stange_01and want you to succeed,” said Superintendent Kelly Williams.

The rally is an annual event that helps get kids excited about going back to school. With the help of many organizations, businesses and individuals, the rally gave kids a good lunch, plenty of opportunities to run ad play, and school supplies including brand new backpacks.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department and the Michigan State Police were there letting the youngsters hop in and out of squad cars and posing for pictures with families.

And Pontiac youth showcased their talents on stage, including performances by Rayanna Simone’s Dance Studio and the Trinity Baptist Mime Team.

Jamesha Fields strolled through the crowd holding her newborn Kaedence.  “It’s really come full circle for me,” she said.  Fields graduated from Pontiac Central in 2001 and now works in the district’s technology department.  “I think it’s amazing to see the children of every year here participating.  I’m a graduate of Pontiac Schools so I know what it’s like having all the sidebar01sponsorsupport of the people in the community.”  Fields said that in third grade she was part of Computer Club and that’s what inspired her to pursue the IT profession.

School and community organizations had booths to let families know about support opportunities.  Elliot Purty of Pontiac Kappa League was there reaching out to young men to join the fraternity, a place Purty says helps “teach young men how to become leaders.”  Purty has been a Kappa since 1982 and feels strongly about community service and mentorship.  “We teach them by being good examples, good role models.”

The 25 youth in the program are preparing to embark on a retreat that they themselves are planning.  “They do everything so they learn what steps are involved and know how to do it when they move on in their lives and careers,” Purty said.

Superintendent Williams praised the business community that continuously comes together to help support the kids, not only to acknowledge their volunteers and donations, but, as she said, “I want to make sure you all know that the community is behind you, these businesses are behind you.  Pontiac is behind you.”

To learn more about Pontiac Schools go to

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