Police Search for Killer, Ask Public to Be Aware of Behavior Changes

Police Search for Killer, Ask Public to Be Aware of Behavior Changes

(Michigan State Police, Aug. 8, 2016)

Rose Township, MI – We are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying further information related to the shooting of 31 year old Alexandra Brueger that occurred on Saturday, July 30th, which was only a week ago, at approximately 2pm, in the vicinity of 11240 Fish Lake Road in Holly.   Alexandra, was loved by family and many friends, and is greatly missed by all those who knew her.  She was also a nurse at a local hospital who unselfishly cared for others in need every day and impacting the lives of many in the area.

While we have received a great deal of initial support from the public, we are continuing to request assistance from the public in this investigation.   We are asking for information related to the person responsible for this incident or those who might have knowledge of the individual responsible for this tragic incident.   Information about suspicious persons or unusual vehicles in the area of Fish Lake Rd could be extremely important.  Even if you think that your information is unimportant, or that someone else may have already reported on what you know, please contact us.

Additionally we are asking for your assistance in identifying possible suspects through change of behavior patterns.  Individuals involved in a violent act often exhibit some noticeable behavior changes after the commission of a crime.  Some of the following are possible changes since last Saturday:


  • Acting oddly or out of their normal character since this incident happened.
  • Showing signs of internal distress, such as anxiety, nervousness, or irritability.
  • An unexplained or stress induced illness.
  • An above average interest in this incident since it has occurred.
  • Has become more reclusive and anti-social.
  • Has not shown up for work or missed regularly attended gatherings or meetings.
  • Has unexpectedly changed their appearance.
  • No longer utilizes one of their vehicles or has excessively cleaned the interior/exterior of their vehicle.
  • Has started or increased a consumption of cigarettes, alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Unexpected and last minute travel or departed the area without giving a specific reason and/or destination location.


We believe that someone may recognize some of these behavioral changes.  If you do, we ask that you contact us.  Regardless of how insignificant you think your information might be, or whether you think we are already aware of it, we want to hear from you.  You can reach us at the one of the contact options listed below.


Michigan State Police Tip Line:               855-MICH_TIP

Metro North Post:                               248-584-5740

MSP Dispatch:                                    313-237-2450

Crime Stoppers:                                      800-SPEAK-UP

NOTE:  Police Reports come directly from the Police Department or agency involved and are written by the person or agency listed below the title.  We generally run these “as is” or with minimal editing for punctuation, spelling, etc. Suspects should not be presumed guilty.  Those needing more information about a case are encouraged to follow up with the reporting agency or court system for the most current information.

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