2016 Primary Election Results and oc115 Readers’ “I Voted” Sticker Selfies

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(Crystal A. Proxmire, Aug. 2, 2016)

Pontiac, MI – The results are in from the Aug. 2 Primary Election.  Scroll beyond the “I voted” sticker selfie photos to check out how the voting went.

In Oakland County, 97,506 people cast ballots in the Republican Primary and 76,273 cast ballots in the Democratic Primary.  8,514 people cast crossover ballots.

Scroll past the pictures to see the results.  Detailed election information can be found on the Oakland County Clerk’s website by clicking here.

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Oakland County Zoological Authority Renewal Millage  The Detroit Zoo Authority baby modern natural 02 adrenewal millage passed with 74.43% (128,018) voting yes and 25.57% (43,976) voting no.

Auburn Hills Headlee request passed.

Hazel Park request to add the City of Wayne to SMORSA passed with 51.47% (594) voting yes and 48.53% (560) voting no.   However, City Manager Ed Klobucher reports that the City of Wayne did not approve it, so they will not become part of SMORSA.

Ferndale Schools Sinking Fund Millage Ferndale Schools sinking fund millage passed 72.08% (3,500 votes) to 27.92% (1,356 votes)

Ferndale Library Millage The bond request for the Ferndale Area District Library passed 65% (2,340 votes) to 35% (1,260 votes).

Hazel Park Library Millage.  The Hazel Park District Library Millage passed 68.43% (815 votes) to 31.57% (376 votes).

Madison Heights Proposals R and V both passed.

Novi capital improvement millage proposal passed.

Pontiac has passed millages for senior services and a library renewal, plus voters approved two charter changes.royal_services

Oak Park Sinking Fund Millage The sinking fund proposal for Oak Park Schools passed with 75.46% (2,048) yes and 24.54% (666) voting no.

Royal Oak Ballot Proposals have both passed.

Wixom has passed a library millage renewal.  Addison Township voters approved fire department capital improvement.  In Bloomfield Township voters supported public safety funding and a renewal of a road maintenance millage.  Commerce Township voters renewed support for library service.

Voters in Highland passed renewal funding for medical and fire services.  Voters in Holly Township renewed funding for the library and for parks.  Independence Township voters passed renewal of fire and emergency services funding.  Lyon Twp voter renewed the police millage but declined the library bond proposition and the library replacement millage proposal.

Milford voters approved funding for police services.  Oakland Township parks and recreation funding is renewed by the voters, as is funding for the Older Persons Commission transportation millage.  Orion Township voters approved funding for police and fire.  Springfield Township has renewed their police millage., and their fire millage, and approved an additional millage gallowaycollens1question. Waterford’s request for police and fire funding was approved by voters.  West Bloomfield voters renewed funding for their parks and recreation services.  The library bond proposition in White Lake barely passed with 50.02% (2,621) yes votes and 49.98% (2,619) no votes.  Avondale School District voters have renewed their operating millage and their sinking fund millage.  Voters in the Brandon School District rejected a sinking fund proposal for building and site costs.  Clarkston Community Schools passed a bonding proposal.  Goodrich Area Schools passed an operating millage renewal. Lake Orion School voters passed a building and site sinking fund tax proposal.  Madison District passed their millage renewal. Oxford Schools did not.  Voters in Hazel Park approved a millage for the library.

Congress – 8th District

R- Mike Bishop

D – Melissa Gilbert

Congress – 9th District

R – Christopher R. Morse

D – Sander Levingarden16_Krzysiak family

Congress – 11th District

R – David A. Trott

D – Anil Kumar

Congress – 14th District

R- Howard Klausner

D – Brenda L. Lawrence (87.92% in primary)

D – Terrance Morrison (3.98% in primary)

D – Vanessa Moss (7.91% in primary)

State Rep – 26th District

R- Randy LeVasseur

D – Jim Ellison

State Rep – 27th District

R – Kyle Forrest

R- Stefan Graziano

D – Robert Wittenberg

State Rep – 29th Districtj and d ad

R- Peter Tzros

R- Garren W. Griffith *

D- Tim Greimel

State Rep 35th District

R- Robert Brim *

D- Jeremy Moss

State Rep 37th District

R – Matt Beer *

R – Mitch Swoboda

D – Christine Greig*

State Rep 38th District

R – Kathy Crawford

R – Carson Daniel Lauffer

D- Jason G. W. Dorsch

D – Amy McCusker

State Rep 39th DistrictRed Door Realty Ad _own_your_dream

R – Klint Kesto

D – Michael Stack

State Rep 40th District

R – Michael D. McCready *

D- Nicole Bedi

State Rep 41st District

R- Martin Howrylak *

R – Ryan Manier

D – Cyndi Peltonen

State Rep 43rd District

R – Jim Tedder

D – Ted Villella

State Rep 44th DistrictMBREW draft one

R – Jim Runestad

D – Mark Venie

State Rep 45th District

R – Michael Webber *

D- Immanuel Eickholdt

D – Ted Golden *

State Rep 46th District

R – Joe Kent

R – John Reilly

D – David Lillis

State Rep 51st District

R – Joseph Graves

R – Katherine Houston

R – John Lauve

D – Ryan Bladzik

Oakland County Executivegarden16_todd_blakenship

R – L. Brooks Patterson

D – Vicki Barnett

D – Mark Danowski

Prosecuting Attorney

R – Mike Goetz

D – Jessica R. Cooper *


R – Michael Bouchard

D – Craig Covey

Clerk/Register of Deeds

R- Tina Barton

R – Bill Bullard Jr.

D – Lisa Brown

D – Michael D. Smith


R – John P. MCulloch *

D – Andy Meisner

Water Resources Commissioner

R – Robert Buxbaum

D – Jim Nash

County Commissioner District 1

R – Michael J. Gingell *

D – Michelle Bryant

County Commissioner District 2

R – Salvatore Delia

R – Bob Hoffman

R – Robert Kleven

D – Rhonda Carr

County Commissioner 3rd Districtlisa schmidt law

R – Michael Spisz

D – Michelle McClellan

County Commissioner 4th District

R – Tom Middleton

D – Phillip Reid

County Commissioner 5th District

R – Tom Berman

R’s – Tom Isaacs, S. Bobby Jasti, Pat Ogg, Phillip Trzos

D – Jane Felice-Bourdreau

D – Julia A. Pulver

County Commissioner 6th District

R – Eileen Kowall

D – Kimberli Troutt

County Commissioner 7th District

R – Ekbal Bohoda

R – Christine A. Long

D – Frederick Golding

County Commissioner 8th DistrictHowesLocation

R – Phil Weipert

D – Roland J. Schneider

County Commissioner 9th District

R – Hugh Crawford

D – Colleen Crossey

County Commissioner 10th District

R – David B. Foster

R – Terry Haines

D – David Bowman

County Commissioner 11th District

R – Doug Tietz

D – Bob Storc

County Commissioner 12th District

R – Chuck Moss

R – Shelley Goodman Taub

D – Charles Gaba

County Commissioner 13th Districtgarden16_pamela_williams

R – Michelle Dinardo

R – Max Rohtbart

D – Marcia Gershenson

County Commissioner 14th District

R – Bill Dwyer

D – William Miller III

County Commissioner 15th District

R – Adam Cochenderfer

D – Mary Ward

County Commissioner 16th District

R -Wade Fleming

D – Charles Salgat

County Commissioner 17th District

R- Regina Brim

R- David Cuttner

D- Nancy Quarles

County Commissioner 18th DistrictChazzano03

R- Steven Zimberg

D- Helaine Zack

County Commissioner 19th District

R – Michael Ryan

D – Dave Woodward *

County Commissioner 20th District

R – David J. Harrell

R – J. Karl Jackson *

D – Gary R. McGillivray

County Commissioner 21st District

R – Richard A. Vancamp

D – Janet Jackson

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