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Controlled Burn in 7 Lakes Park Makes for Beautiful Look at Nature

ScottWrightadTOPControlled Chazzano03Burn in 7 Lakes Park Makes for Beautiful Look at Nature

(Crystal A. Proxmire, June 13, 2016)

Holly, MI – A controlled burn by the DNR in April provided for an interesting walk in the woods last week at Seven Lakes State Park in Holly.  Driving through the beautiful expanses of greenery, a red patch  stood out brilliantly.

Walking into the mysterious area it did not take long to find clues of a fire.  Charcoal-like limbs stood out against the carpet of orange-red needles that had dried and coated the ground after the fire.

All the other undergrowth had been singed away by the SCOTT WRIGHT AD basic tallflames and only a few random oak trees were sprouting in the otherwise bare though now nutrient-rich soil.

Larger trees perished, but still stood, with their tops bearing nothing more than dried leaves or needles.  Several had trunks burnt nearly through and ready to snap.  Other trees had darkened marks where flames had been unsuccessful at penetrating the bark.

According to North Oakland County Fire Authority Chief Jeremy Lintz, the fire was a controlled burn by the Department of Natural Resources to eliminate invasive species.  He stressed that only trained professionals like those at the DNR should be the only ones doing vegetation burns.  Burns done by the DNR are done in targeted areas with safety precautions in place.

Learn more about the picturesque Seven Lakes State Park at the Michigan DNR Website.


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