2016 Candidate Interview: Robert Buxbaum for Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner

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(Crystal A. Proxmire, June 9, 2016)

Oak Park, MI – In the County-wide race for Water Resources Commissioner (formerly titled Drain Commissioner), the Democratic Incumbent Jim Nash faces Republican challenger Robert Buxbaum on the Nov. 8, 2016 ballot.

“I’m an engineer and I was sick of griping about the stupid things I saw being done. You gripe and you gripe, and you say ‘oh I can do this better.’ After a while you decide to do something about it,” Buxbaum said.

“Some of it’s what’s being done that I felt shouldn’t be done like they’re building a giant tunnel cistern under Middlebelt, which is a technology that really doesn’t HowesLocationbelong there. It’s tying up traffic and I don’t think it will ever work right.

“And then there’s things that should be done that aren’t being addressed like The flood of 2014, which looks like it’s based on bad flow control, and just bad drainage, just other things that really got me annoyed.

“Then in the summer you’ll notice the beaches are closed just about every other week. Last year, 2015, it was closed more or less as often as it was open. And that’s because we dump sewage, nearly raw sewage, into our lakes and rivers.  That’s not right. We should be doing a lot better than that. And we can.  It’s just, I am an engineer and I think I can. And if you don’t know engineering, there’s nothing you can do. Just sit there and say ‘Oh. Act of God. Oh another week, another act of God.’ And you say no, it’s an act of stupidity, get out of the chair and I’ll tell you what’s to be done. That’s why am doing it.”

In his interview with oc115, Buxbaum shared ideas for improving drainage in Oakland County, including the addition of natural drainage features, adding permeable pavement in bike lanes, and requiring that all construction projects be looked at as opportunities.

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Learn more about this candidate’s campaign at: http://www.electbuxbaum.com/.

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