Clean the Ferndale Up Gives Kulick Center Some Care

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(Crystal A. Proxmire, May 21, 2016)

Ferndale, MI – Over 100 people came to Clean the Ferndale Up on Saturday morning at the Ferndale Kulick Center, including a self-reported “super hero in disguise.”

As the volunteers donned comfy yard-work-style clothes and t shirts custom made for the event, the mysterious guest kept on a fabric mask stained with inkblots, a vintage hat, brown leather trench coat, and gloves.

They said their name was Rorschach, but declined to reveal their superpower.  “I’m just Judy_Palmer30yearshere to volunteer like anybody else,” they said.

Rorschach and the other volunteers divided into groups to work on projects at the Kulick Center and just around the corner at Memorial Mall.

Groups shoveled compost, planted flowers, applied mulch, pulled weeds and did other clean up tasks.

When Ferndale Mayor Dave Coulter opened the event he asked how many in the crowd had moved to Ferndale in the past couple of years.  A noticeable amount of people raised their hands.

“You’re new to Ferndale so you’ve not seen the revitalization that has happened to our Downtown, but what you are seeing is something that Ferndale had even before the Downtown was great.  You are seeing what makes Ferndale a great community, and that’s BubbleTea Advolunteers like you,” Mayor Coulter said.

Helping foster that community spirit were the volunteers and city employees who organized the event.

Jamil Saba came to Clean the Ferndale Up last year after recently having moved to the city.  “I got to meet so many people and I felt really welcomed.  Last year was my first time as a volunteer but I wanted to do more so I signed up to be volunteer coordinator.  It’s a really good way to meet people and be part of the community.  I’ve met so many people today just signing people in.”  Saba said he likes Ferndale “because it’s small but it still feels like a big city.”

Clean the Ferndale Up began in 2012 and has become an annual tradition.  This year’s event garden16_chad_mattwas sponsored by Ferndale Electric, Leonard Bros., Search Optics, Ferndale Community Foundation, Fabulous Ferndale Forum, SOCRRA.  Check out coverage of years past:

Check out the Clean the Ferndale Up Website at

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