Recent Arrest and Insight into Story, Affirm Motorama Concerns

waterworkTOP_whiteRecent Arrest for Crack and Red Door Realty Ad _own_your_dreamHeroin, and Insight into Story, Affirm Motorama Concerns

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Feb. 18, 2016)

Ferndale, MI – As city official prepare to hear an appeal by the owner of the Motorama Motel at 8 Mile and Woodward in regard to the non-renewal of their business license, more information comes to light about the permissiveness of drug dealing on the premises.

According to The Daily Tribune a man was arrested early Thursday morning with 19 baggies of crack cocaine and a packet of heroin in his car. The 24 year old man was pulled over after leaving the Motorama, and told officers he was living there with his mother.

Ferndale Police Lt. William Wilson told The Daily Tribune ““Even with the motel being watched and under scrutiny it continues to breed criminal activity and create a hazardous living situation for our residents.” For the full story, go to

red door club adIn a noble attempt to showcase the plight of low income residents at the Motorama, on Feb. 13 The Detroit Free Press did a story spotlighting two long-term residents of the motel who would have to relocate if the motel closed.

The Free Press article stated “Yet there’s another side to the crime and code violations of seedy motels. Many of them are occupied by long-term, law-abiding residents.” The article gave two examples, one of whom was Bernard “Bernie” Stapleton.

“’All the trouble, all the crime, is on the other side (of the building), where the young people come in for just for a couple of nights,” said her neighbor Bernie Stapleton, 69, a 10-year resident of the Motorama. Asked where they’d go if the place closes, Clinton and Stapleton had identical answers: no idea,” the Free Press report said.

However, the history of police reports that was previously published by the oc115 shows that calls for service happened at multiple room numbers and was not confined to one part of the building. For the 2015 police reports go to 2014 and 2013 reports are in links at the bottom of this article.

On top of it, Stapleton himself had been part of the problem. According to police records, Stapleton has a history of sidebar012stairsdrug-related charges back to 1998, including his most recent conviction – for selling crack in his room at the Motorama on July 17, 2014. Stapleton and another man were arrested after a sale to an undercover Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team officer. Stapleton was charged with narcotics delivery and convicted, but he was not evicted from his room. Stapleton pled guilty and is currently on probation.

Stapleton spoke to officers at the time of his arrest. According to the report “Stapleton claimed to be the “middleman” in the deal. Stapleton said that he makes $2,800 dollars a month, which is retirement money from Chrysler. He spends the majority of that money on crack/cocaine and prostitutes.”

Stapleton seems to be in good standing as far as probation goes, yet his continued residency even after being arrested for selling crack out of his room go along with Ferndale Police contentions that the motel does not address the crime and drug problems.

Ferndale City Council voted on Feb. 8 not to renew the license of the Motorama. They are also considering the same for the 8 Wood Motel next door. Both motels have a history of crime and are known places to buy drugs like heroin and crack. The long history of arrests came to light after a man died on a Mufflerfront lawn on Fielding Street after taking tainted heroin. Both motels were part of the investigation and subsequent heroin dealing arrests.

The owner of the Motorama, Phil Patel, has appealed the decision of City Council and a hearing is expected within 30 days.

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