Local Art Love: Vincent Cervantez (video)

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(Crystal A. Proxmire, Jan. 15, 2016)

“Exploring the space between light and dark.”

That’s what artist Vincent Cervantez said is the crux of his work. The Waterford man recently UrbaneAd_04had an artist reception at Level One Bank Gallery in Ferndale to cap off his exhibition there.

His paintings captured a slightly Gothic take on the world. An angel with wide eyes and tattoos. A Victorian lady in a landscape with hints of mystery. A purple-haired sullen girl with a mind full of rainbows exploding out on the otherwise dull white canvas. A bearded man nuzzled against the neck of a woman who seems to be turning away. These moments were created hours of careful brushstrokes and the imagination of a young man enjoying his exploration of the world – the light and the dark.

“I like to see that gray spot in between because everyone has both inside them,” Cervantez said. “I love people. I love how they inteact. I love the different stories that come from just interacting.”

NewWay_Jazz_TuesdaysThe show was hosted at Level One Bank by the Ferndale Arts and Cultural Commission. Branch Manager Darren Bolsby explained what purpose art has at the small, locally-owned bank. “When people come into the gallery and see the art, they get to experience that specific piece that the artist created, and we feel that’s an important piece, not only to our customers but to the community,” he said.

Cervantez does not have a website for his work, but one is in progress and we’ll add the link later.

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