Pleasant Ridge & Ferndale See Increased Thefts from Vehicles and Garages

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(Pleasant Ridge Police, alert sent out via Facebook, Dec. 14, 2015)

Pleasant Ridge, MI – Last week Pleasant Ridge Police took a few reports of garages being entered and unlocked cars being rummaged through on the West side of the city. Officers have been investigating throughout the week, and I have been communicating with other law enforcement agencies about the incidents. Pleasant Ridge Police and Neighborhood Watch usually do not send out alerts or Facebook messages unless we are looking for help identifying or locating someone, or a pattern of crimes have been established.

Up until now, there haven’t been any other incidents like these in the area. However, last night we had multiple incidents on the West end of the city again. Unlocked cars were gone NewWay_Jazz_Tuesdaysthrough and some items were stolen (mostly change left in consoles or cup holders) and at least one garage was entered to gain access to unlocked cars. The most concerning call is that an unlocked house was entered and some items were taken from the home during the night. I have already spoken with Ferndale Police this morning, and they are currently taking the same type of reports in the Northwest part of their city.

In many of these incidents last night people heard something, their dogs alerted them to a noise, they saw something suspicious, and motion lights were activated. However, no one called the Police Department or 911 to report these suspicious circumstances. Residents should call the Pleasant Ridge Police at 248-541-2900 (then press 1 for police dispatch) or 911 to report any suspicious activity. Pleasant Ridge Police are taking action to address these crimes, but your help is invaluable.

If anyone is missing any items from their cars or homes from last night… or if anyone has gardenfreshADsurveillance systems that may have captured video of the suspects between the hours of 2:30 a.m. to 5 a.m. last night please call Pleasant Ridge Police 248-541-2900. Please remember to lock your cars and homes, and call us immediately if something looks or sounds suspicious.

Sergeant Ried
Pleasant Ridge Police

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