Ways to Pay it Forward in Pontiac

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(Kaino Phillips, Ascend Foundation, Dec. 8, 2015)


As PROMISED, Here we go with our official kickoff to PAYING IT FORWARD HOLIDAY INITIATIVE!!! I want to wish everybody a BEAUTIFUL BEGINNING to your holiday season!!! It is these days that are supposed to be filled with a lot of LOVE and good times with FRIENDS and FAMILY!!! That is the beautiful side to the holidays.

There is also another side to it that brings about a level of misfortune. There are a lot of really CFSEM-123-OaklandCounty115-digital-ad_v2beautiful people that have been confronted head on with a bout of MISFORTUNE and it is that which find some of OUR PEOPLE fighting everyday just to find the bare necessities!!! The necessities like how they are going to get their next meal!!! It breaks my heart to NO END!!! That brings me to the next part of this message and our next project. WE NEED YOU ALL!!!

Two years ago the Ascend Foundation and GMW Organization (which I am a part of) joined together to create a 5 Part Initiative for the holidays called: PAYING IT FORWARD FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!

Phase 1: Adopt 10 Families In Dire Need.

Phase 2: Adopt The Children In Need At Owen Elementary School in Pontiac.

Phase 3: Adopt a Daycare Center in Pontiac/Waterford.NewWay_Jazz_Tuesdays

Phase 4: Adopt a Homeless Family Shelter in Detroit.

Phase 5: Mission to Feed 2,500 of Our Homeless Community. This project is one that we had last year and it was a mission for us to feed 2,000 of our HOMELESS COMMUNITY and it was VERY SUCCESSFUL!!! This year, we are stepping it up!!! This year the project is called, MISSION TO FEED 2,500 FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!! We at the Ascend Foundation along with a PHENOMENAL GROUP of organizations have joined together to provide this VERY WORTHY NEED!!! With that being said, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

We need EVERYONE IMAGINABLE to PLEASE help us reach our objective to feed 2,500 of our homeless population in Oakland and Wayne County!!!

On December 20, 2015 all of these packaged meals will be PUT TOGETHER and chazzano game adDISTRIBUTED to all of our homeless population in all the areas where the homeless migrate to KEEP WARM and just try to EXIST!!! We need everybody who can to please either donate by giving either monetarily to this mission and to volunteer!!! On the 20th, we are going to meet up at The Bowen Center in Pontiac at 12:00 and GO TO WORK to create these 2,500 packages to be handed out!!! You should have seen their faces last year when we came with those packages to hand out to them. We find ourselves talking about some of the long list of gifts that we are going to give our loved ones for Christmas and here they are trying to just receive their next meal!!!

The next part of this project is: We have adopted families that have absolutely NOTHING and we are going to try and make this holiday the best EVER for them. Some of these households got 8 people in them and they aren’t even sure how they are going to feed everyone. We have a wish list for all 10 families and we plan on giving them enough food for them to all eat for a week as well as Christmas gifts.
The next phase of this project is: Adopt a Daycare Center. We have found a daycare center that Judy_Palmer30yearshas a lot of families that have too much of nothing and they are trying the best they can to make a beautiful holiday for their kids. It is because of that need that this particular daycare has bent over backwards to provide a hand in need to keep this families with adequate daycare. They have been PHENOMENAL in their willingness to economically extend their hand to keep this kids enrolled. We are providing Toys for each child!!! They Are So WORTHY!!!

Next, we have adopted a family shelter in Detroit where this group is fighting with everything that they are to stay afloat and remain a blessing to those that have NOTHING!!! We are providing not only food for this group but clothes as well. This is one of the most humble establishments that I have ever been in and THEY NEED OUR HELP!!! WE’VE GOT TO ANSWER!!!

garden16_laura_bermanThe last phase is we have decided to adopt Owen Elementary School children in need. There are so many kids that don’t even have coats or even an adequate pair of shoes. They don’t even have the bare necessities and that is where we are coming in. WE are extending our hand as ONE!!!

As you can see, the goal is real lofty and it is a goal that we just can’t afford to fail. That is why we need the community to PLEASE help us make this BLESSING everything and so much more for them!!! That is the reason why all of your donations count. Monetary donations (no matter how big or small) make it easier because, we have so many items that have come in and keep coming, that we are starting to get to many items of the same nature. This allows us to go and get the things that we are missing and not waste any precious resources. Those meals meant EVERYTHING TO THEM!!! I am choking up just thinking about their reactions from last year. PLEASE help us make this BLESSING everything and so much more for them gardenfreshADa reality!!! Please either: Inbox Me, Leave me a message on this status, call me or text me to let me know if there is any way that you can and would be willing to help with this mission!!! PLEASE SHARE THIS STATUS!!! You will see me pushing hard for this one throughout the upcoming days!!! It is to important not to…. We at the Clarence E. Phillips Ascend Foundation, NPG Foundation, Pontiac Discount Pharmacy, Kicks 4 Kids Foundation, Simply Helping Foundation, Best Network Design, Golden Key Honour Society, Leilani House of Angels, Walgreens, Secreto Lounge and so many more that I will be naming throughout these upcoming 2 weeks. I think it is important for people to know the ones that are giving to something that is so much bigger then us!!! This is gonna be EPIC!!! I APPRECIATE YOU ALL TO NO END!!

Check out story and video from this epic event last year at https://oaklandcounty115.com/2014/12/22/2000-care-packages-in-pontiac-video/.

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