What Still Could Be: Berkley to Reveal Branding Study Results Nov. 16

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(C. Proxmire, Nov. 9, 2015)

A church. A family of two adults and two children. A Liberty Bell. And a book. These are the images that will remain as The City of Berkley’s logo for now after voters on Nov. 4 passed a ballot measure to keep the 1961-designed logo.

With a voter turnout rate of 16.7%, there were 1,524 votes in favor of keeping the logo and 488 votes Sahara ad with wineagainst keeping the logo. However, the vote was not an absolute as the City can still take a new logo design to the voters. The wording on the proposal said “Shall the City of Berkley, Michigan, retain its originally approved city flag established in 1961 and subsequent city logo and seal unless approved by the voters of Berkley?”

To City Councilperson Alan H. Alan H. Kideckel, the distinction is important. “It doesn’t mean that people don’t want a new logo, it means they want the right to vote on it,” he said. “I think we need a change. If you look at our logo with other cities, ours stands out like a sore thumb.”

The City contracted with a Lansing-based firm, MessageMakers, to help with re-branding. Since June, residents have taken part in focus groups and surveys to consider what kind SCOTT WRIGHT AD basic tallof an image the city would like to present to potential new residents and businesses.

Other cities have done away with branding from the 1950s and 60s. Royal Oak now has a very recognizable city with “RO” in the middle that can be easily incorporated into promotional materials and used in various capacities, such as on signs and vehicles.

Ferndale also ditched their crest-based logo in favor of a modern-art looking F, with the middle an artist paintbrush swoop. The swoop can be printed in different colors to represent the different departments. For example, the police department uses a blue swoop, the fire department uses red, and the city itself uses a Ferndalious green. In both cities, people expressed 934_8600_Gen-Online_Banners3concerns on social media, but the push back was temporary.

Kideckel said the conversation will make more sense once there is a logo to consider. “People are unhappy with something they haven’t even seen yet,” he said.

Mayor Phil O’Dwyer also gave a statement about the vote. “The extremely low turnout was disappointing. The result of the branding study will be presented to City Council at the November 16th meeting. As always, we encourage residents to either attend the meeting, or watch it on television and judge for themselves.”

The statement released by The City of Berkley also said “Community input was obtained through an online survey and two focus groups. The subsequent logo, tagline and artwork would be used on the city’s website, street signage, social media and other official city communications. A new brand would convey a unified image, intended to bring the sidebar012stairscommunity together and reflect the qualities that make Berkley the 28th ‘Best Place to Live,’ according to Money Magazine.”

Resident Russ Smith is one of the residents who is in favor of keeping the logo as it is. “We care is not just a slogan on the entrance, it really is neighbors taking care of neighbors,” he said. “E Pluribus Unum has been our country’s motto since the beginning and there is no reason to change that either.”

The phrase means “Out of many, we are one,” and it was one of the nation’s unofficial mottos until 1956, when Congress passed an act making “In God We Trust” the official motto of the nation.

As far as changing the branding of Berkley, Councilmembers could have the matter placed on the ballot after the branding study is revealed. The Nov. 16, 2015 meeting will be held at Berkley City Hall, 3338 Coolidge Highway at 7 PM.

For more information on The City of Berkley go to http://www.berkleymich.org/.

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