Clerk Launches Alert System for Property Owners to Help Prevent Fraud

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(Oakland County Clerk Press Release, Nov. 7, 2015)

Oakland County has launched its new Property Record Notification system to enhance its Super Index, simplifying property record searches and allowing activity notifications for residents, professionals and law enforcement.

“We’ve taken our Super Index, a property document search engine that is easy to use for homeowners and professionals alike, and added a notification feature. Now anyone can receive updates on their property whenever a document pertaining to that property is recorded at our office,” said Lisa Brown, Oakland County Clerk/ Register of Deeds. “This system will allow users to know the up-to-date status of their property and will alert them to POWELLad_01potential real estate fraud.”

Brown launched the Super Index, powered by Google and Xerox, in 2014, allowing millions of documents filed with Oakland County to become easily searchable by any piece of information contained within them. A home-owner can use his or her name, address, a notary’s name, – any information in a document to search for it. Now with a simple sign up at, users can be notified of any activity happening with their property. Oakland County is the second county in the United States to launch a Super Index, and the first to incorporate a property record notification (PRN) feature.

Brown initially created the Super Index for Oakland County to help crack down on real estate Red Door Realty Ad _own_your_dreamfraud. In some cases, perpetrators would find a home with delinquent taxes, pay a portion of the back taxes, place a lien on the property and file a fraudulent deed on the property. At that point a vacant home could be turned into a rental property or sold out from under the rightful owner. In other cases where the homes were still occupied by the rightful owners, the fraudsters would solicit large sums of cash from the owners in exchange for releasing the lien. With the PRN, homeowners can now be immediately alerted to any liens or deeds filed on their property.

“We are constantly striving to find ways to better serve Oakland County residents, “Brown said. “The Super Index and Property Record Notification system provide another means by which we can be a resource and help fight fraud.”

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