Candidate Interview: Hazel Park Mayor Jan Parisi (video)

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(C. Proxmire, Sept. 26, 2015)

There is no competition this year for Hazel Park Mayor Jan Parisi as she runs unopposed on the Nov. 3, 2015 ballot. The 49 year resident of Hazel Park became Mayor in June 2014 after longtime Mayor Jack Lloyd decided to retire for health reasons. As Mayor Pro Tem she was promoted upon Lloyd’s departure from the office.  Prior to that Parisi served on City Council since 2003.

Though Mayor Parisi is unopposed, she is hoping people will mark her name on the ballot ArcadeAD_02since it is her first Mayoral election.

She also is actively campaigning to keep the current City Council members. In Hazel Park all members are up for a vote at the same time. Incumbents Jeffrey Keeton, Andy LeCrueaux, Tom Selman, and Michael Webb are up for re-election. There are also two political newcomers: Amy Aubrey and Alissa Sullivan.

In her interview with oc115, Mayor Parisi said she hopes to keep the same council. She also talked about community involvement in the city, including the Lion’s Club, Neighborhood Enrichment, the walking club and the dog park.

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All candidates are invited to do an interview. Below are links or updates for the other candidates:

Amy Aubrey (scheduled)

Jeffrey Keeton (scheduled)

Andy LeCrueaux (coming soon)

Tom Selman (scheduled)

Alissa Sullivan (click here for interview)

Michael Webb (declined, stating “I don’t do interviews”)

Please note that the oc115 does not endorse any political candidates. Nor are statements made by candidates in this video series fact-checked. This series is an attempt at introducing oc115 readers to as many candidates in Oakland County as possible and we are doing our best to make sure that each candidate has an opportunity.

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