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(C. Proxmire, Sept. 15, 2015)

The Dog Park at Wilson Park in Ferndale is just about complete, with the public getting an update at Monday night’s council meeting.

Department of Public Works Director Loyd Cureton touted some of the park’s features, including a key fob lock system and separate areas for big dogs and little dogs. The entire project was completed at under $25,000 including the fencing and plumbing mainly because DPW staff took pride in finding ways to make pieces in house.

gardenfreshADThey ordered special urine-resistant metal and used that to make the trash cans. They pieced together old playground equipment and painted it all to match. The signs, including one that says “There is no Poop Fairy” were made in house. And the dog washing station was made out of a repurposed fire hydrant. A bone-shaped bowl, with proper drainage, was made in the concrete.

The park is only available to residents at this time, who can have up to three dogs per application. This coincides with the City’s ordinance limiting adult dog ownership to three. All dogs must be licensed, vaccinated, and owners must take a free class that mainly teaches them how to use the dog park and how to read the behavior of dogs.  The class will be taught by Liz Blondy of Canine to Five at the Kulick Center and is included in the cost of the pass.

Dog Park Passes cost $40 for the year, plus a one-time fee for the key.  The fee helps cover the twist_club01cost of the key fob system, maintenance, insurance, and administering the issuance of the passes. Currently residents must go to the Kulick Community Center at 1201 Livernois to sign up.

The City did a comparative analysis of other area dog parks and found them to range in fees from free to $75, and the Parks Commission voted that $40 would be a good middle price.  Applications will be available online in the future.

The locking system should be working by Oct. 1, but residents are invited to try it for free until then.

Learn more at www.ferndalemi.gov.

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