Reader Review: Red Oaks Nature Center, Madison Heights

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(Christine McCabe Kole, Sept 1, 2015 ed)

I had a nice time after work, walking the wooded trails at the Red Oaks Nature Center south of 13 mile, east of John R. in Madison Heights. I used to take my son and his little friends there, and then my great nephews some years later. They would have a great time, running ahead of me, looking for wild life, checking out the Vernal Pond, and trying very hard to accidentally fall into the other pond at the waterfall.

We’d have a snack or lunch on the deck, then peruse all the cool things in the Log Cabin Learning Center. Kind elderly volunteers would show them the turtles and snakes and such, seed024_jeannie_davis_from_loriand they would sit by the fireplace and read books.

I took lots of photos, and those would go into the kids’ journals.

Back then, the log cabin had a little gift shop area where I would let the kids choose a trinket for a dollar or two.

As I walked along today, all those happy memories came flooding back, and I smiled along the paths, as birds flew close by and butterflies landed on the various flora.

I hear that seven deer have made the park their home, now, along with all the squirrels, chipmunks and other creatures. The park has been taken over by the county, and is very well maintained.

We are so fortunate to have this nice bit of green so close by, right next to the golf course, CFSEM-123-OaklandCounty115-digital-ad_v2and across from the Wave Pool. There’s no excuse around these parts for being bored or just sitting around!
The center’s website explains “The Red Oaks Nature Center is part of Red Oaks County Park which also includes a golf course, waterpark, dog park and soccer complex.park map. Nestled in a unique 38-acre oasis of rich natural habitat in the midst of a thriving urban area, the nature center’s 2,400 square-foot log cabin building features seasonal displays in a cozy atmosphere.”

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