1 Question /15 People: What Charity do you Most Support and Why?

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(C. Proxmire, Sept. 1, 2015)

As part of our new series of features on the 1st and 15th, we’ve asked readers: What charity do you most support and why? Here are 15 of the best responses selected from various online forums. Like us on Facebook to be part of future conversations!

1~ Tracie Cable Yarmak of Ferndale said “Easter Seals. They help those who need help. Even if they can’t pay. It’s close to impossible to receive mental health services when your homeless, poor or in need.”  www.easterseals.com

2 ~ Leslie Ann Norlin-Thompson of Royal Oak said “Michigan Humane Society – where Judy_Palmer30yearsI rescued Beau the Wonder Dog. Affirmations because they saved my life.” www.michiganhumane.org and www.goaffirmations.org.

3~ Cheryl Batten Ferguson of Ortonville said “Children’s Miracle Network…they do great things for sick kids and their families. Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak is a CMN hospital. My daughter had brain surgery there in 2012 (as well as a few other surgeries that same year) and they helped us more than I could ever express. Now we pay them back by volunteering and donating when we can.” http://give.childrensmiraclenetworkhospitals.org/.

4 ~ Brother El of Pontiac said “Sky’s The Limit because this program which is under-funded actually is a successful support system for children in the Pontiac area and aboard. Educating, motivating, spiritual development, character and leadership development, etc. This institution is operated from the ancient and divine principals Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.”  http://www.hometeamsonline.com/teams/default.asp?u=STLCFBBL&s=basketball&p=about

5 ~ Liz Bertolini of Pleasant Ridge said “I support Susan G Komen. Schrock2015_SmilingFace_adMy grandmother and Aunt survived bouts with breast cancer and too many other friends and family members are affected by this disease. Although the Komen foundation has come under fire recently, my sister, father and I continue to participate in the 3-day walk every year we can. Komen provides free mammograms and breast cancer education programs that are unmatched. Since 2007, our family has been able to donate over $35,000 through generous donations and fundraising efforts. I support this cause because I hope my children never have to worry about this disease. As they say on the 3-Day event, “everyone deserves a lifetime.” ww5.komen.org

6 ~ Angela Boston-Wallace of Holly said “Salvation Army. I used to work for them and I was able to see lives changed first hand…mom who were able to get drug free and be reunited with their children and families. Men who learned what is was to earn a living and were finally able to respect themselves. When you see lives truly being changed, it is amazing.” www.salvationarmyusa.org.

7 ~ Kristie Bonner of Pleasant Ridge said “I support the Soroptimist International of Trenton organization. Forgive me for cutting and pasting, but: The club holds its annual Women Sponsored Motorcycle Run in September each year with proceeds being donated to ChamberAd_showcasehuman trafficking, domestic violence and breast cancer survivors. The club volunteers with Vista Maria, Skating with the Visual Impaired, Trafficking Victims, Wayne Metro Baby Shower, and also provide the Live Your Dream, Virginia Wagner, Violet Richardson, and Ruby Awards. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Soroptimist-Trenton-MI/139263856117963

8 ~ Lisa Campagna of Berkley said “I support Haven-Oakland County. A non profit organization/shelter to end domestic violence and sexual assault on Women, Men and children. I am also a volunteer. Working at the shelter directly with the children who are there with their mothers.” www.haven-oakland.org

9 ~ Carol Richards-Berger of Northern Oakland County said “Light Shine Canine which is a very small group of people who rescue abused, neglected and homeless dogs (and cats) who are trying to survive on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. I give to this group because only a handful of people run it, and have given up their lives and homes to modern natural baby inprogressmake a huge difference to these animals, and they don’t receive the donations that larger rescue groups receive. They also try and help educate the residents of the reservation the importance of treating animals well by getting them to contribute their time in rescuing the animals.” www.facebook.com/lightshinecanines

10 ~ Lisa Mueller of Pleasant Ridge said “Kenya Relief. They bring medical care, food, orphanage, wells, etc… I have been on a medical mission with them in the past & have seen where the money goes first hand. They are in the process of building a hospital with a Detroit firm. They definitely need $$ for that.” www.kenyarelief.org

11 ~ Tiffani L. Gagne of Ferndale said “USO – they do so much for the men and women of the military home and abroad. They do little things like sending phone cards to the soldiers in Iraq so they can call home and things like driving military personnel to the airport from base Sahara ad with wineso they can go home to see their families. Great organization.” www.uso.org

12 ~ Jason Bandy of Pleasant Ridge said “Mallory Bandy and I participate with Wear blue; run to remember each Saturday. We lost a family member fighting the war in Iraq and we run not only his memory but also in support of his widow and son. From their site, “We run for the fallen, for the fighting, and for the families. Our running community serves as a support network for those preparing for a deployment, living through a deployment, recovering from a deployment and healing from loss sustained during a deployment.” www.wearblueruntoremember.org

13~ Kathi Manteuffel Seidl of Ferndale said “South Oakland Shelter. Not only provides meals and shelter in partnership with local churches, but also provides interim and seed5977Cyndi Rhuland Peltonentransitional guidance to break the cycle of homelessness.” www.southoaklandshelter.org

14~ Katrina Kiko Jackson of Ferndale said “St. Jude’s. No matter what, a parent never has to pay a bill for their child’s care. No matter how sick or how long the stay.” www.stjude.org

15~ Conni Kronner Wisbiski of Madison Heights said “Autism awareness, since there really is no funding especially for those who reach the age of being aged out of the system. There are more but that one is a charity that needs help.”  www.autism-society.org

Thanks to everyone who answered! Be on the watch for future questions at www.facebook.com/oc115.


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