15 Year Old Bloomfield Hills Student Scored Perfect on ACT

ScottWrightadTOP15 Year Old Bloomfield Hills modern natural baby inprogressStudent Scored Perfect on ACT

(Bloomfield Hills Schools press release, July 6, 2015)

“Perfect” at just 15, Helena Gregg, Bloomfield Hills High School student, scores a perfect score on the ACT

Helena Gregg, an incoming sophomore at Bloomfield Hills High School, has just scored a perfect score on the ACT.  Even more incredible is that Helena is just fifteen years old, having skipped the second grade.  “She has always been an avid reader,” says Jill Gregg, Helena’s mom.  “She had this curiosity at a young age and she has an inner drive to succeed.  She has intense chazzano game addetermination and her work ethic is outstanding,” said Jill.

“I was numb for the first few minutes,” said Helena, about seeing the score in print.  “I was working for the 36, but I didn’t think I’d get it,” she said.  Helena, who has taken the ACT every year since the star of middle school, scored a 25 in the 6th grade, at just 11 years old.  Helena’s score improved in the 7th grade when she earned a 27 and then jumped significantly when she earned a 35 in the 8th grade.  Now, just having completed her 9th grade year, she finally earned the elusive perfect score.

“She took the exam on June 13th and didn’t say much after,” said Jill.  “She was a little quiet.  I think she knew…”

Helena says that “a very large amount” of practice tests and supportive teachers helped her reach her goal.  She has taken an ACT practice test approximately once a month for the past fourlisa schmidt law years in preparation for the exam.  Helena is also quick to credit her teachers.  “I am thankful to my teachers,” Helena said.  “They’re so supportive and the teaching in Bloomfield Hills Schools is amazing.”  She said she moved to the district in the 7th grade because, “my parents wanted me to have the best and Bloomfield is the best.”

Helena enjoys Spanish and Art and will be taking AP Studio Art this coming school year.  She will also load up on science courses, since she believes she’d like to pursue a career in science someday.  “I like that there are so many AP courses offered,” said Helena, who plans to take as many as possible during her time at Bloomfield Hills High School.

According to the ACT, less than one-tenth of one percent of students who take the ACT earns a 36 composite.  However, this statistic does not specifically reference the number of fifteen-year-old students who have earned a perfect score.  That achievement is undoubtedly more rare.

A Ferndale freshman, 15-year-old Jacob Keener, also got a perfect score. Read about Keener at https://oaklandcounty115.com/2015/06/17/ferndale-freshman-scores-perfect-36-on-act/.


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