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(Blumz Press Release, July 2, 2015)

Last Friday The Supreme Court of The United States of America ruled that all people whom wish to marry will be able to do so in all fifty states, even if the person they wish to marry shares the sameDetroit_GT_ad03 gender as themselves.  This was huge news and a lot of our customers came into the store to purchase flowers and gifts for loved ones to celebrate. In fact, we had one customer come in and buy a huge bouquet to propose to her partner of the last 20 years

We are delighted to see so many people celebrating their love.  In honor of that we made a special order and got a fresh shipment of Rainbow Roses in stock today!  We will only have them in stock for a limited time so make sure to call or stop in ASAP!  These beautiful stems are 4.99 a stem, $49.99 a dozen , and $59.99 for a dozen vased.

We look forward to planning a lot more weddings this coming year. Remember Blumz is a one Judy_Palmer30yearsstop wedding shop that handles everything from tuxedo rental, invitations, tenting, lighting, officiant services, and of course the flowers!  We love everything about weddings, so the idea of more weddings is the best news we have ever heard!  Wedding season is truly here!

~Blumz by JRDesigns
Editor’s Note: Blumz is a sponsor of The Oakland County 115 News and this is a press release written by them.  However, rainbow roses are really pretty so we felt like sharing!
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