The Rides are on For New Oak Park Slow Roll Riders Group

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(Adapted from Oak Park Slow Roll Riders Press Release, Photos: Bill Berlin,  June 11, 2015)

A new group of bicycle riders has started a weekly ride in Oak Park. The group is called “Oak Park Slow Roll Riders”. Founded by Aaron Tobin, he said people have been talking about getting a group together to ride for years. “I decided that there was enough talking, and that we needed to get out and ride” Tobin said. “I started a Facebook group called Oak Park Slow Roll Bike Rides, and I had about 40 people join in the first couple days”. The group now has about 90 chazzano game admembers. 25 people signed up on Facebook for the groups first ride, and about 35 people came to the ride. Riders came from as far away as West Bloomfield to join the ride through Oak Park. At least six cities were represented by the riders including Oak Park, Southfield, Huntington Woods, Troy, Detroit, and West Bloomfield.

The weather was absolutely perfect for the first ride. The riders all seemed to have a great time.

“This is a chance for people to get some exercise meet their neighbors, and see our beautiful City from the unique intimate perspective of a bicycle ride” Tobin said. The first ride was about eight miles long, and moved at a leisurely pace of about seven or eight miles per hour.

When Tobin ran unsuccessfully for City Council two years ago, one of his goals was getting bike trails for the City of Oak Park.  He is now running for Mayor and keeping that as a goal.  In 2014 the City released an Economic Development Plan that calls for the addition of bike lanes, but the seed22_Angela_Fisherprocess is not going fast enough for Tobin.   “It’s hard to believe the “Family City” has no bike paths. We need to connect our City with all of our neighboring cities and their bike paths, and as Mayor I will make this a priority.” Tobin said.

Robert Dalton, Vice President of the Cloverlawn Concerned Citizens Block Club said that the ride was excellent, and that he got some exercise that he had not gotten in a long time. He also mentioned that he did not wake up sore, and slept really well that night. “I enjoyed it, and I think all the block clubs should get together and join us.” Robert said that he will be getting more friends and block clubs members to join the ride in coming weeks.

Oak Park Mayor Pro Tem, Paul Levine, an avid bicyclist himself planned out the group’s first ride.  “We had an excellent turnout for a first ride. It’s something that we have been talking about for years, and I want to thank Aaron Tobin for making this happen.” Levine said that he candlewickshoppeADbluehopes the group attracts people from all parts of the community, and that we can come together as neighbors and enjoy Oak Park.

Many of the riders on the roll had not ridden a bike in years, and they seemed to have enjoyed the ride the most. Before the ride, some riders mentioned that their bikes needed repairs before they could join the weekly event. Tobin approached D&D Bicycles for a group discount, and they welcomed the idea. “They gave our group 20% off on all 2015 bikes in stock, and 10% off on parts, which includes the parts they would use to repair the bikes.”

The Oak Park Slow Roll will be riding every Tuesday at 6:30pm. They meet in the parking lot between the Oak Park Library, and the City Hall. The ride leaves at 7:00 pm. (Weather permitting)

Check out the Oak Park Slow Roll Facebook Page at

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