Less Than 12 Hours Remain to Help Ferndale Qualify to Win a $100,000 Dog Park!

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(compiled, June 10, 2015)

The fifth annual PetSafe Bark for Your Park contest is reaching the end of the first round, and Ferndale has a good chance of reaching the finals supporters can rally enough votes in the final hours. Voting for the first round closes at Midnight EST today.

The finalists will be selected on June 17th, and the 15 finalists will be comprised of the top 5 vote-getting cities in the small, medium, and large city categories. In the final round, the city ctechadwith the most votes will be awarded $100,000 for a dog park while four other finalists will get $25,000 each.

City Council member Greg Pawlica helped spearhead the civic portion of the qualification. “The Ferndale Parks and Recreation Commission just recently voted on the final location for our new dog park. A large portion of Wilson Park, located at Hilton Road and University Street, has been approved for use as a dog park,” Pawlica writes in a letter to PetSafe. “We held a public hearing for community input on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 and received an overwhelming response of support for a dog park at this location.”

Ferndale resident Ryan Meray has been actively trying to drum up the votes necessary to get the city into the final round. “We’ve got half the population of some of the cities with three times as many votes as us, there’s no reason we essentialcan’t rally together as a community to get a couple thousand more votes today. The signup and voting process takes about 5 minutes if you’re at a computer.”

Ryan provided us with a handy walkthrough to signing up and voting which is reproduced below.

1) Start by creating an account for the PetSafe voting site. Go to this page, and choose the “Login with Facebook” option. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can create an email-address based account, but tying it to Facebook will save time on logins in the future and make it easier to do the daily voting.

2) Now that you’ve created your voting account, let’s start by voting on Facebook (If you don’t have a Facebook account, skip to step 4). You have to do this from a web browser, it cannot be done from the Facebook mobile/tablet app, and if you use a mobile device web browser, you have to choose the option in your browser to “Request Desktop Site.” Once you’ve done that, click this link to be taken to the voting page (Clicking the “Login” button if prompted; you may need to refresh your browser window after that) and you’ll be taken to the “Search for a City” prompt. Don’t search by ZIP code, because it shows all the surrounding cities if you do that. Just type in “Ferndale” in the search box, pick Ferndale, MI from the list, and vote for it!

3) After voting on Facebook, you can vote one more time daily on their website. The link directly to the city voting page is on the results page here, just click the link that says “You can vote again” to be taken to the website.

4) Now you should be at the PetSafe voting website. If you’ve skipped to this step because you don’t have a Facebook account, click this link to get to the site. Again, if prompted, click the “Login” button. You should see a blank “I’m not a robot” checkbox, which is there to help prevent fake votes.

Click the checkbox. You’ll either get approved instantly, or have to do a logic test to make sure you’re not a robot. Once you’ve passed the test, a green checkbox will appear, and you can click the Vote button.

5) That’s it! Now spread the word and let’s help Ferndale get a really awesome dog park!

For more about the Ferndale Dog Park plans go to https://oaklandcounty115.com/2015/02/01/dog-park-plans-in-progress-for-ferndale/

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