May 5, 2015 Election Results

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We’ll be updating this page with election results from Oakland County as soon as we have them from the Oakland County Clerk.


Statewide it seems Proposal One has failed miserably.  We’ll update with some totals when they are available.

The County Road Association of Michigan said county road agencies across the state are crushed by the failure of the Proposal 1 ballot initiative.  The association said its members – who maintain 75 percent of the roads in Michigan – will not be making significant fixes to Michigan roads, bridges, culverts and highways in the foreseeable future.  “Our elected officials had weeks, chazzano game admonths and in some cases, years, to educate themselves on the roads and the 12-bill package.  Voters actually wanted to understand many of these same details, and the media worked very hard to provide the information.  But in the end, voters have spoken:  They wanted a cleaner road funding solution dedicated specifically to road and bridge repair,” said Director Denise Donohue.

Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson said the vote was a message to Lansing.  “”This ballot proposal failed because working Michigan families said enough. Raising taxes on working families while corporations see their taxes cut is no way to build a Michigan where we can stay and succeed. Moving forward, this legislature and governor should recognize and reflect the voters’ rejection tonight of one-sided sacrifices from our working families. It’s time for corporations to pay their fair share,” Johnson way 03 honky tonk

“Today is a sad day for Michigan, which is currently known as having some of the worst road and bridge conditions in the nation.  With our road system deteriorating rapidly, we will likely see an increase in road and bridge closures, vehicle repairs, and incidents causing injury and death to motorists.  Proposal 1 put safety and accessibility first, without taking away funds needed to educate our children and support essential local government services.  While I believe the majority of the voters agree that Michigan’s roads and bridges urgently need attention, many citizens seemed to be confused about the tax changes.  Governor Snyder, MDOT Director Steudle, and many other officials did a essentialphenomenal job explaining Proposal 1 to the public.  However, numerous members of the Michigan Legislature failed to explain the full details of Proposal 1 to their constituents,” said Traffic Improvement Association of Michigan Director Jim Santilli.


Ferndale voters passed a Headlee override by a small margin.  1,790 (50.78%) voted yes and 1,735 (49.22%) voted no.  The Street and Park Improvement Bond Proposal had a wider margin of victory with 2,059 (58.38%) voting yes and 1,468 (41.62%) voting no.

The Headlee Override is a 10-year renewal of 5.4552 mills that is expected to account for approximately $2,691,689 of the City’s budget for 2016.ctechad

The “Ferndale Street and Park Improvement Bond Proposal” will allow the City to borrow up to $45,000,000 for a term of 15 years for road and park projects.

Ferndale Mayor Dave Coulter breathed a sigh of relief at the passage of both proposals.  “It’s never easy to ask people to tax themselves but at the end of the day people here appreciate the services we offer and are willing to support them,” he said.

Read more about these proposals at:

Sahara ad with wineAnd also on the City of Ferndale website:


In Oak Park the sale of spirits and mixed spirits has passed with 2,579 (58.27%) voting yes and 1,847 (41.73% ) voting no.

Zeana Makhay Attisha of Sahara Restaurant was the driving force behind the petitions to legalize libations.  “I was optimistic throughout the day hearing people’s opinions that they felt this was needed a long time ago. I spent three years talking about the benefits to Oak Park and for Sahara I believe we can finally bring in entertainment, do banquets, and events without Red Door Realty Ad _own_your_dreamfeeling as if we can’t compete with other restaurants. I am so proud of everyone that played a role in changing a 70 year law that was holding Oak Park back in time. Now, we can finally move forward,” she said.

Mayor Marian McClellan spoke about the potential economic benefits of this passing.  “The ability to attract nice family restaurants like Applebees or Olive Garden or locally owned bistros to the city requires a change in the ordinance that would allow mixed drinks and spirits in OP. It’s an important building block for attracting vibrant retail business to our city,” she said.

“OP lost a potential hotel and many restaurants because we are disadvantaged compared to neighboring suburbs. If this passes, our economic development manager Kim Marrone is ready modern natural baby inprogressto start marketing the city to nice restaurants.  The City of Oak Park is the Turn Around story in Oakland County. The new development at the former Detroit Artillery Armory will bring a $35million investment into the city and 200 jobs. These workers will eat and shop in our city. The momentum toward exciting development is rolling.”

Read more at:


The voters of Pontiac elected not to adopt the City Charter proposed by the Charter Revision Commission.  2,724 (55.81%) voted against it, while 2,157 (44.19%) voted for it.  The Charter would have replaced a 1981 Charter and had several key changes including a new section on lisa schmidt lawethics, more financial reporting to the public, and changing the districts so that there are five City Council members elected by district and two elected at-large. Read more at:

The bond proposal for Pontiac Schools did not pass. The vote was 4,938 (59.22%) against it and 3,401 (40.78%) in favor of it.

For a previous article on the proposal see:


With all three precincts reporting, the Township of Addison has approved North Oakland Ferndale 115_FFLTransportation Authority Funding with 819 (50.56%) approving it, and 801 (49.44%) voting no.  This allows for a .25 mill levy for the authority.


Franklin has overwhelmingly supported their police with 711 (83.06%) votes for a special millage to fund police services and general fun.  145 (16.94%) voted no.  The .3980 mills will bring in approximately $117,707 in the first year, and it is a five-year levy.


Voters in the Berkley School District approved their bond proposal with 5,015 (68.06%) voting yes and 2,353 (31.94%) voting no. The bond will allow them to borrow up to $58,950,000 for “erecting, furnishing and equipping additions to school buildings; remodeling, furnishing and sideADpinkrefurnishing, and equipping and re-equipping school buildings, acquiring, installing and equipping or re-equipping school buildings for instructional technology; and improving sites.” This is a 3.00 mill proposal with a bond dept. to be repaid within 25 years. Read more at:


Voters in Birmingham Schools voted for a school improvement bond.  9,899 (64.93%) approved the bond.  5,347 (35.07%) voted no.  The bond will allow them to borrow up to $66,000,000 to pay for improving school buildings, installing technology equipment and infrastructure, improving sites and construction of security entrances at schooCandlewickshop_May2014l buildings and additions to school facilities. This is 3.90 mill proposal that is not any increase over the 2014 levy. The bond is expected to take up to 20 years for repayment.


Bloomfield Hills Schools approved their operating millage renewal with 8.473 (70.94%) voting yes and 3,471 (29.06%) voting no.

Clarkston Community Schools approved a bond proposal with 6,746 (67.31%) voting yes and 3,277 (32.69%) voting no.  Farmington Public School District votes approved their bond proposal with 12,972 (58.38%) voting yes and 9,248 (41.62%) voting no.

Huron Valley Voters did not pass their building and site sinking fund tax levy.  8,724 (55.19%) voted no, while 7,084 (44.81%) voted in favor of it.

To read the proposed ballot language for each, visit

Check out our Election page at


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