Three Poems by Casarah Nance

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(Casarah Nance, March 28, 2015)

Making Music With Me

Soothing and showered by your sweet serenade,
Oh the temptation in the music you have made.
Into the realm of a melody, you take my breath away,
Dancing on the chorus, the hips and lips, in rhythm sway.
Passion plays from the heart stings, I surrender my heart,
You are the instrument, the song, you play every part.
When bodies merge with melodies, all music breaks free,
For there is no escaping, when there is no boundary.

It’s All About Attitude- catcher in the rye prompt-

A slap in the face of society,Judy_Palmer30years
Scoff at the needs of authority,
A boy ingested by superiority,
That he breaks the norm or normality.As I read the Catcher in the Rye I wonder,
What it is about this characters thunder,
Into his angst we as the reader plunder,
Seeing him trip over trials and blunder.

His attitude holds an attractiveness,
That gives out more and takes less.
I was intrigued, that I must confess,
This boy, this man, was such a mess.

As for it’s popularity, I cannot understand.
Why this story had such a demand.
I would give it a thumbs up but not a hand,
Was it a bible for the turmoil ridden man?

How can society be impacted by a printed soul,
Is it all about attitude,…. was that the goal?modern natural baby inprogress

For The First Time In Forever

High school forced poetry, down the throats into me,
I would write perfectly, to be graded appropriately.I was good I knew, with the writing my ego grew,
Then I realized it wasn’t true, deflated I went blue.

For the first time in forever I picked up a pen again.
Oh how I felt a rush, like the love of an old friend.
Me and the ink we made a deal and we shook,
We would meld as one, write a word, write a book.
That pen made a muse enter my blood and write,
From then on the words flew into my sight,
For the first time in forever, I wrote something great.
Spilling forth from my fingers, a muse and I do mate.Candlewickshop_May2014

My life changed with the first poem I presented on line.
I wrote about the love of Doritos and it did just fine.
Many applauded and many encouraged me from that day,
And from that moment, I haven’t put my pen away.

April showers brought lyrical flowers this I know,
Someone had planted a seed in me and now I grow.

For the first time I believed I was something great, I know it,
For the first applause I was given I became ……………..a poet!

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