Legalizing Pot: Political Perspectives

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(Guest Viewpoint by Jermain Jones, March 25, 2015)

With the act of failing to compromise becoming the new symbol of detestation in legislative bodies across the country, one thing we should be harmoniously in agreement on is the fact that recreational marijuana usage should be one less tiff to bicker over. To put this into a more transparent perspective; in comparison to the Prohibition of Alcohol opponents of recreational marijuana caviling on about why we shouldn’t legalize marijuana are living in 1932. It is only a matter of time before recreational pots savior-or-President Roosevelt arrives and writes into history this long overdue criminalization of marijuana.

Michiganders must decide should recreational marijuana usage continue to be this skeptical 934_8600_Gen-Online_Banners2almost taboo issue that we shy away from? Or address it. In the state of Colorado recreational Ganja generated $60m in taxes and licensing fees and saved the state $145m that would have been spent fighting marijuana related crimes -an accolade any fiscally responsible law maker would be proud to claim; cited information by State of Colorado’s Department of Revenue. The $60m revenue itemized take in looked like this, 2.9-percent retail and medical marijuana sales tax; a 10-percent retail marijuana special sales tax; and a 15-percent marijuana excise tax, plus application and license fees for retail and medical marijuana not bad.

Michigan’s Fiscal Champion Governor Snyder should be inspired to take a serious look at the additional $60m in added revenue the state of Colorado benefited. With the impending Michigan road repair issue on the conscious of lawmakers concerned for their constituents pocket books. There is no doubt that millions in revenue would ameliorate the burden facing tax payers. Beside the roads the money could also go towards public school construction funds – Department of steele lindbloom adEducation as well as the municipalities in which the stores (dispensaries) operated.

The bi-partisan passage of recreational marijuana usage is a win for the politicians and the people. By decriminalizing marijuana we enable our law enforcement agents to fight real crimes. Michigan and other states average $1 billion dollars annually fighting marijuana: Pew research. Legalizing the substance also enables us to ensure consumers aren’t getting street products with cutting agents that are unhealthy. In California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey and in a dozen other states medical marijuana can be legally prescribed to patients suffering from epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, posttraumatic stress disorder, and multiple sclerosis. It is a known fact that modern natural baby inprogressmarijuana is a tangible healing agent and with the decriminalization of marijuana we allow more people to use it for its health benefits.

Democrats and Liberals until recently have been the sole support for the legalization of pot. Now the political right is experiencing a surge of support for the wonder drug. 63% percent of Republican millennials believe marijuana should be legalized- Pew research Group. Throw in Ron Paul libertarians and fiscally responsible conservatives and legal pot slowly begins to make sense. Gradually the reality of the legalization of recreational marijuana slowly becomes more realistic. Let’s legalize the pot!

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