Coyote Captured in Royal Oak Stirs Controversy

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(Crystal A. Proxmire, March 17, 2015)

A coyote was captured in a Royal Oak back yard and subsequently euthanized, with footage of the captured animal struggling in a toothless rubber jaw-style trap aired on WXYZ news causing reaction through the community.

The City of Royal Oak issued the following statement in response to phone calls about the situation:

Reid_Sally_115“City officials received multiple calls and emails this morning after a TV news piece aired showing the capture of a coyote in a rubber-jawed trap on private property in a Royal Oak backyard.

Individuals from Novi to Shelby Twp. indicated they found the footage disturbing and upsetting.

Royal Oak officials want the public to know the city is not trapping or authorizing the trapping of coyotes on public property. Furthermore, Royal Oak Police have no reports of aggressive coyotes in Royal Oak. If residents do notice aggressive behavior from any wild animal they should call the Royal Oak Police at 248-246-3500.20150312stpatsat_new_way_bar_temp

According to Robert Muller, of the Royal Oak Nature Society, coyotes have lived within city boundaries for more than a decade.

“They are in all the neighborhoods from here to the Detroit River,” Muller said.

Muller described coyotes as smart animals and like deer, fox and owls, which also live in Royal Oak, they are very good at not being seen by people.

“They adapt and learn to live with people,” Muller said.

According to the Humane Society, the answer to dealing with coyotes “lies in learning what LibraryFriendsADpicksattracts them to our homes in the first place and then using strategies to solve that problem at its source.”

State-certified trapper Dennis Cronk recommends that residents do not feed birds or deer or leave dog or cat food in their yards because these items attract rats and mice, which are food sources for coyotes.

“As the weather gets better, there will be a better food base – squirrels, rabbits etc. – for coyotes,” said Cronk. “And they will be less likely to go into neighborhood yards looking for food.”

For a list of resources, including “Why Is There a Coyote in My Yard?” please visit:…/c…/tips/solving_problems.htmlsideADpink

The Department of Natural Resources gives tips for minimizing risk of a coyote attack:

-Never approach or touch a coyote.
-Never intentionally feed a coyote.
-Eliminate all outside food sources, especially pet foods.
-Put garbage out the morning of pickup day.
-Clear out wood and brush piles; they are good habitat for rats and mice and may attract coyotes.
-Good husbandry practices, guard animals, and coyote control measures can help to -protect livestock.
-Do not allow pets to roam free when coyotes are present – consider keeping pets indoors or seed019_Cherie_Rolfeaccompany them outside, especially at night.

According to Live Oakland County, “Coyotes play an important role in the ecosystem of Oakland County, helping to keep rodents, small mammals, and the golf course and lakeshore loving Canadian geese populations under control. They are by their very nature fearful of humans; however, if coyotes are given access to human food and garbage, their behavior changes and they become bold. That is where trouble may begin. Coyotes that are fed by people may lose their fear of humans and then develop a territorial attitude that could lead to aggressive behavior. If a coyote is encountered on a trail and does not quickly flee, never, ever run away. Running can provoke an instinctive predatory response from a coyote. Stand your ground. Yell at the coyote. Throw anything, except for food. The coyote will flee with a strong reminder that humans are a threat.”

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