Housing Director Convicted of Entering Seniors Apts, Stealing Medication, Gets Probation

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(Crystal A. Proxmire, Feb. 26, 2015)

Deborah Wilson, who stipulated to having entered the homes of three Ferndale Housing residents and stealing their prescription medication in late 2014, was sentenced on Feb 26 in Oakland County Circuit Court by Judge Denise Langford-Morris.

Wilson pled no contest, which is the same as a conviction, to two counts of felony home invasion and had pled no contest to one count of possession of a controlled substance. The drug charge was processed under “7411,” a statute that allows first time drug offenders to have their conviction adjudicated if they complete the terms set by the court. In this case Wilson, 52, was Sahara ad with winegiven 1 year probation and 1 day in jail which she already served. She was required undergo outpatient treatment, to seek full time employment, and to do 90 days of community service. She is also banned from returning to 415 Withington in Ferndale, where she served as housing Director for nearly 30 years. This was also the building where she committed the crimes while working as the Director.

For two counts felony home invasion Wilson was sentenced to three years probation and one day in jail which she already served.

In addition, Wilson was ordered to pay $130 fee, $10 a month in probation supervision fees, court cost of $500 and a State fee of $204. The prosecution did not request restitution.

David Hudson of the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office agreed to the sentencing recommendation.nicholas-schrock-allstate

Wilson’s attorney Jack Jaffee told the court Wilson was in a treatment program and that she was doing community service at the Humane Society.

Wilson was allowed to resign from the Ferndale Housing Commission and was given a severance of $130,000.

The Housing Commission is being inspected by HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) in March. HUD will look at their leadership structure, infrastructure, accounting, policies etc. Multiple resident concerns have been brought to light with the organization, including policies the penalize residents who complain, large maintenance bills to low income Judy_Palmer30yearsresidents, not having public comment sessions during meetings, community areas being locked, residents being discouraged from talking to each other, and allegations of racism. In the months following Wilson’s resignation, the Commission approved a budget given to them by Wilson’s successor with only a few minutes to review it. They voted to retain the same auditor, only soliciting bids from one Michigan-based auditor and two out of state.  They have moved Wilson’s second-in-command to the Acting Director Position and have claimed budget woes prevent them from finding someone new.  Public comment at meetings has happened since the commission was advised they could be sued under the Open Meetings Act, yet concerns expressed by residents remain largely unaddressed.

One Commissioner has resigned, though according to City officials, notification to City Council royal_serviceswas not properly given so the seat has been vacant for two months. The Housing Commission is an independent body from the City. City Council appoints the Commissioners, but they have no oversight authority beyond that. The Housing Commission is funded through and overseen by HUD. Anyone interested in applying to be on the Commission can do so at https://ferndalemi.seamlessdocs.com/f/BoardCommApp2015.

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