Library Picks With Darlene’s Excellent Obsess-ables

Library Picks With Darlene’s Excellent Obsess-ables20150214valentine015farmingtonvoice

Jeff Milo
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Darlene’s always right. Really. I mean, I should never doubt her recommendations, even if the snob in me raises an eyebrow at her insistence; for various moods, for various times of year, for varying tastes in genre, she always winds up hitting it out of the park…somehow finding just what you were needing on that day, that week, be it a movie, tv show or a great book.


Ms. Hellenberg, one of FADL’s Reference Librarians, is particularly excels with the book recommendations which is one of a hundred reasons she organizes our annual One-Book/One-Ferndale 115_FFLCommunity reading event, Ferndale Reads, which kicks off next month. We’ll be reading Bird box by local author Josh Malerman. This highly suspenseful tale finds the world haunted by an unusual new species, creatures really, the mere sight of which drives us humans to a ferocious state of madness, with our protagonists banding together in a safehouse with thick, black blindfolds as their shields. In-tense!


The Kickoff for Ferndale Reads 2015 is March 7; we’re hosting a special “Library Fear Factor” event at the library (inspired by the thrills and chills of the book), where participating readers can test their courage and receive their copy of Bird Box.


For more information on Ferndale Reads, including the Kickoff Event on March 7, the Detroit_GT_05schedule of special programming hosted by FADL and the culminating Author-Talk with Mr. Malerman, stay tuned to:


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Darlene’s Picks


These are the things I was obsessed in 2014! Okay, I’m still obsessed with this stuff. I will use any excuse to shout Texas Forever at people. I spent about 45 minutes looking at Twin Peaks  stuff on Etsy yesterday and every time I learn someone has read All the Light We Cannot See I immediately launch into a 20 minute conversation. I’m also711adAPP convinced that the movie About Time will cure what ails you.



All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr


I love this book. If you like feeling all the feelings, then this book is for you. It has everything: intricately sculpted models of French neighborhoods, walls covered in snails, eccentric old men, a very curious little girl, and young man who can fix any radio you put in front of him. The story follows, in alternating chapters, the lives of Marie-Laure a little girl escaping Nazi occupied France with her father and Werner, an orphan, whose skill for radio repair helps him attend a prestigious school. There’s a lot more but I don’t want to give anything away.


Oh and I don’t recommend reading the last few chapters in public. I couldn’t stop sobbing.gardenfreshAD

Find it:



The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis


Over the course of 2014 I listened to all the books in The Chronicles of Narnia series. You can access these via Overdrive or borrow them from our library. I love The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe but I don’t remember ever reading the other stories in the series. The whole series is full of wonderful adventures and interesting characters. The audiobooks are especially fun because they’re narrated by fabulous British actors like Kenneth Branagh, Lynn Redgrave, Sahara ad with wineand Patrick Stewart, to name a few. Great fun.
Find it:




About Time
Call #: DVD (Comedy) A


            You guys, trust me, you’ll enjoy this movie. It’s about a young chap who learns a very interesting secret; the men in his family can travel backwards in time. This isn’t a science fiction movie, though, not by any means. It’s about Tim’s life and how and why he choses to go back and change things that happen. It’s also about love and family and just appreciating the little moments in life. Bonus: it’s quite funny.
Find it:




Twin Peaks
Call #: DVD (TV) T

            This is the weirdest, sometimes funniest, and sometimes scariest show ever to air on network television. It’s SO good. If you’re a commitment phobe, don’t worry, it’s only two seasons. Plus, they’re for real bringing it back for another season! It’s the perfect time to watch the show if you haven’t already, or revisit it. You can stream it on Netflix or borrow it from our library.
Find it:

Friday Night Lights
Call #: DVD (TV) F

“Let me tell you something,” Friday Night Lights is a great show! My dear friend Andrea convinced me to watch it last year. It took me all of two episodes to be hooked and to get the rest of my friends hooked. This high school drama focuses on football coach Eric Taylor, his family, and the townspeople of Dillon, Texas. It’s full of drama, teen angst, and well, football!
Find it:

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