Dog Park Plans in Progress for Ferndale

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(C. Proxmire, Feb. 1, 2015)

Due to popular demand, Ferndale is getting a dog park.

City Council established a Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee nine months ago to specifically look for ways to improve parks – and to seek creative ways of funding those improvements. Apart from wanting a swimming pool, the most popular improvement on people’s minds was a dog park.

Wanda Korgol presented the dog park information at the January 26 Ferndale City Council royal_servicesmeeting.

“We carefully explored our options and selected Wilson Park for many amenities it has to offer the residents along with plenty of parking as well as a restroom,” Korgol said. “Low residential surroundings were also a factor and a big plus in the decision, along with the Hilton Road traffic to help reduce any of the playful noises from the doggie playground.  Wilson is located on Hilton south of 9 Mile, in the same block at University High School.

“It may be a simple structure in the beginning, however, please know this: it is a work in progress and we are looking to obtain funds through contests like Bark in the Park or possible sponsorships.”gardenfreshAD

Wilson is big enough that you can add a dog park and is still big enough that you can offer other amenities,” said Greg Pawlica who is a Councilperson and a member of the committee.

In an interview after the meeting, Pawlica explained more of the details. He said it would likely open in summer of 2015, depending on what other priorities might come up with the Department of Public Works. “It will be cyclone fenced with a gate with electronic key access,” he said. “We don’t know the size yet but there is ample room at Wilson to make it what size we want, and we can change it later if it turns out to be too small.”

There will also be running water at the park, so doggies can drink. There are already restrooms seed22_Angela_Fisherat Wilson park.

Several details will be worked out between now and the construction, including what the fee will be and who will administer the membership program. They’ll also be looking to neighboring communities like Pleasant Ridge and Hazel Park to see what they can learn from those dog park experiences – as well as communities nationwide. The fees will need to be enough to cover expenses.

In the dog park, approved members will be able let their dogs run free off a leash in the fenced in area. They can also play with other canines, and the hope is that the dogs will play nice together. Generally members of dog parks follow rules like keeping their dog under control and picking up their waste. And they sign waivers in case their dog is injured while at the park.CFSEM-123-OaklandCounty115-digital-ad_v2

There is potential for the park to grow beyond just an enclosed space. Some ideas the committee may consider if they are able to get sponsorships or revenue from fees could be play equipment for the dogs and sanitation stations for the humans.

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