2015 Ferndale Blues and Music Festival Starts off Strong

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(C. Proxmire, Photos: Larry Mills, Jan. 25, 2015)

Note: Photo captions say Monica Mills, but they were actually taken by her husband – and awesome Blues and Music Festival volunteer Larry Mills. Photos will be updated later this week.

The Ferndale Blues and Music Festival is off to a strong start as people have packed the bars of Ferndale to enjoy live bands and donate money to help Michigan AIDS Coalition and Ferndale Youth Assistance.

Amidst the music and merriment, festival founder Craig Covey made time to reflect on the true meaning behind the annual tradition. “It was a warm sunny morning as I drove over to the Kulick Community Center parking lot one Saturday to help send off a group of youth to summer camp,” Covey wrote in his online blog. “These were disadvantaged kids from lower income households who would normally never get to go to camp because of financial constraints. But as I 934_8600_Gen-Online_Banners2pulled into the lot I was surprised at the crowds.   That summer in 2012 Ferndale Youth Assistance not only sent the most kids it had ever financed for camp before, but we were sending the most of any school district in Oakland County !”

He recalled going to scouting camp in his youth, an experience he found “fun and educational,” and said that “I don’t and won’t have any kids of my own but as a part of our ‘village’ of Ferndale, it is to me a duty to give back to our youth, who will inherit this town when my generation moves on.” Covey has volunteered for the Youth Assistance board for 15 years.

In addition to kids camps, Ferndale Youth Assistance provides caseworkers to help families, training for parents and involved adults, student recognition and opportunities for student modern natural baby inprogressenrichment. Learn more about Ferndale Youth Assistance at http://ferndaleya.org/.

The Ferndale Blues and Music Festival also raises money for Michigan AIDS Coalition. The mission statement of MAC is to “prevent HIV/AIDS in Michigan by promoting healthy lifestyles, providing and investing in evidence-based, innovative programs and through advocacy and education.” The two agencies which merged to form MAC have more than 30 years’ experience in HIV/AIDS advocacy, education and outreach. We will continue on this path HowesLocationuntil it is no longer necessary. Find out more at http://michiganaidscoalition.org/.

For more information on the festival itself, see http://www.ferndalebluesfestival.org/.

Also consider checking out the Rib Burn Out on Saturday, Jan.31: http://oaklandcounty115.com/2015/01/12/rib-burn-8-out-to-honor-billy-bones-raise-money-for-charity-jan-31/

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