Ferndale Pep Rally Gives Props to Cops

mbrew brought to you by top adFerndale gardenfreshADPep Rally Gives Props to Cops

(Crystal Proxmire, Photos: AG Phoenix, Dante Vincent Dasaro, and Denise Bach, Dec. 28, 2014)

At a time when discussion of violence both by and towards police officers can be divisive, Ferndale area business and community leaders took pause Sunday afternoon to  bring people together to show that the men and women of law enforcement are appreciated.

Garden Fresh Salsa, American Coney Island, Smokin’ Butts BBQ and M-Brew teamed up to host dda_ad_03the Pro-Police Pep Rally in front of M-Brew just before the Lion’s game. The event featured free food and a chance for guests to donate toward the Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

“This was a last minute impromptu rally to support the great cops we have in and around the Detroit area, around Michigan and around the country,” said M-Brew proprietor Dean Bach. He led the group in a moment of silence for fallen officers and the playing of Amazing Grace.

Then Ferndale Mayor Dave Coulter shared his sentiments. “I’ve lived here 25 years so I’m just a newcomer here, but I know that Ferndale has always been a community that has supported the men and women of law enforcement. And I pray to God that it always will be a community that supports the men and women of law enforcement,” Mayor Coulter said.Detroit_GT_05

“There is something unique about police officers because it’s in the average person’s DNA to run from danger. And the men and women who decide to make a career out of law enforcement train themselves to run into danger when the rest of our instinct is to run away. For that I appreciate what you do for us every single day to keep us safe and protect us from the bad guys and girls that are out there.”

Mayor Coulter also recognized Ferndale Police Chief Timothy Collins, calling him “wonderful” and the Ferndale Reid_Sally_115Police Department “great.” Members of the Oakland County Sheriffs Department and other area police forces and auxiliary forces were also there to celebrate and feel recognized.

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