Baby Makes Her Move: Pleasant Ridge Deer… (video)

Baby Makes Her Move: Pleasant Ridge Deeressential

Transported to Nature Preserve (video)


(Crystal A. Proxmire, Nov. 24, 2014)

Baby is now safe. The fawn born this spring in Pleasant Ridge has finally found a new home, away from the traffic of 696 and Woodward Avenue. The doe had been the darling of the community where neighbors fed her, gave shelter in backyards, and documented her growth and her movements around town on Facebook.

Baby’s mother had been the original celebrity, with sightings through the tree-canopied neighborhood for weeks before neighbors Jim Shaffer KELLER ad blacknoticed her growing abdomen.  After Baby was born, the mother led the fawn carelessly close to Woodward Avenue, and eventually was struck by a car in July. Since that time resident had been scrambling to find a way to bring her to safety.

After researching responses to deer in the suburbs, the City officially took a hands off approach, nothing that neither euthanasia nor transport was considered a best practice.The zoo and the Department of Natural Resources said there was nothing they could do.  However residents like Tracey Leigh Magiera took the lead, researching options for moving Baby.

After an oc115 story about the efforts, Baby’s story took off, even garnering brief attention on Good Morning America and a brief in USA Today. The publicity led to potential new homes for the doe, including the E.L. HowesLocationJohnson Nature Center in Bloomfield Hills which is where Magiera ultimately selected.

There Baby now lives with one other doe, a two year old named Summer. The facility is only permitted to have two deer, and Baby will be replacing one that passed away last year.

Bill Yoder, an animal tracker and traveling zoo owner from Clarksville traveled from the west side of the state to properly tranquilize Baby using a dart shot from a low-power rifle. Within minutes Baby was fast asleep for the 20 minute ride in an animal crate to Bloomfield Hills.

Dan Badgley, who manages the nature center, was excited to welcome Baby. “I think she’ll get used to being seed01_bridget and kevin deegan krausetouched. I know a lot of the kids like to pet.”

Janet Dimeck-Eggen said the experience of helping transport Baby to her new home was “emotional and bitter-sweet.”

Magiera, who has been feeding the doe each day, finally got to pet her for the first time. “She licked my hand once… but I never wanted to make that quick of a move because we are so close to Woodward. And I was afraid. But I would sit with her sometimes for a couple hours where she was all the time. And it just never happened.”

She added that “a lot of people will be doing the happy dance tonight for sure.”

Those who want to visit Baby can find more information about the E.L. Johnson Nature Center at ad with wine

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